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SNP wins Govan by-election

SNP wins Govan by-election
News report; Interview; Speech
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11 Nov 1988
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The Labour Party is counting the cost of by-election defeat in the Glasgow constituency of Govan this morning, after the Scottish Nationalists swept in with nearly 49 percent of the vote. Victor, Jim Sillars is convinced his sucess is due to the poor performance of Scotland’s Labour MPs, the so-called feeble fifty. Labour say they are the victims of a protest vote against Margaret Thatcher and the poll tax (community charge). Labour’s Donald Dewar is setting about a damage limitation excercise, whilst SNP leader Sillars addresses his supporters in a rousing speech. From Glasgow, Martin Vogel reports.
Donald Dewar; Jim Sillars; Martin Vogel
Elections; Government; Labour Party; Margaret Thatcher; UK; Conservative Party; Scotland; International relations; SNP; England; Community charge; Local taxation; Glasgow; Govan; Electoral issues

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