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General Election - C4 news broadcast

General Election - C4 news broadcast
News report; Interview; Press conference; Speech; Election coverage; News bulletin; Special
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10 Jun 1983
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Channel 4 television news broadcast, 10/06/83 (19.00) following the announcement of the results in the UK 1983 General Election. Reporters and presenters include: Trevor McDonald; Sue Lloyd-Roberts; Peter Sissons; Alastair Burnet; Glyn Mathias; Ian Ross; Eleanor Goodman; John Underwood; Jane Corbin. Speakers include: Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister; Michael Foot, Labour leader; David Steel, Liberal leader; Roy Jenkins, Social Democratic leader; Tony Benn, Labour Party; Dr David Owen, SDP MP; Shirley Williams, SDP president; Norman Tebbit, former Trade Secretary; Sir Geoffrey Howe, former Chancellor; Francis Pym, former Foreign Secretary; Cecil Parkinson, former Conservative chairman; John Smith, Labour MP; Jim Mortimer, Labour general secretary; David Alton, Liberal MP; Gerry Fitt, Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP); Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein; James Molyneaux?, Ulster Unionist Party (UUP); Herbert Walden, Building Societies Association; David Butler, election analyst; Carol Thatcher, daughter of Margaret Thatcher.
Francis Pym; Geoffrey Howe; Margaret Thatcher; David Steel; Norman Tebbit; Shirley Williams; David Alton; Tony Benn; Jim Mortimer; Roy Jenkins; Michael Foot; Gerry Fitt; David Owen; John Underwood; Cecil Parkinson; Gerry Adams; John Smith; Channel 4; Carol Thatcher; Peter Sissons; Glyn Mathias; Herbert Walden; James Molyneaux?; Trevor McDonald; Alastair Burnet; Ian Ross; David Butler; Sue Lloyd-Roberts; Eleanor Goodman; Jane Corbin
Elections; Politics; Labour Party; Conservative Party; Liberal Party; Political parties; Sinn Fein; SDLP; SDP; SDP-Liberal Alliance; General elections; Political coalitions; DUP; UUP

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