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Conservative coup aimed to oust Euro-rebels

Conservative coup aimed to oust Euro-rebels
News report; Interview
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26 Nov 1993
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Report on the coup by Prime Minister John Major supporters to end the right-wing dominance on the executive of the influential 1922 Committee of backbench Conservative MPs, which fizzled into oblivion last night. Only leading Euro-rebel Sir George Gardiner lost his place. Gardiner describes the risk he took on his stand over the Maastricht Treaty. David Evans replaced him, and claims the coup has embarrassed the Government. John Townend?, Conservative Finance Chairman, discusses the effect of the actions, whilst Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Ivan Lawrence claims he is happy the party will carry on in a stable way. Sir Anthony Grant also comments, as does Sir Rhodes Boyson. Paul Rowley reports.
Rhodes Boyson; George Gardiner; David Evans; Paul Rowley; Ivan Lawrence; Anthony Grant; John Townend?
Politics; Political protests; Conservative Party; Political leadership; Members of Parliament; Europe; Politicians; John Major; 1922 Committee

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