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Oliver North’s evidence, Iran-Contra affair: Day 1

Oliver North’s evidence, Iran-Contra affair: Day 1
News report; Interview
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8 Jul 1987
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Report on the first day of Colonel Oliver North’s evidence to the Congressional hearings on the Irangate or Iran-Contra affair. Includes how he never personally discussed with the President the use of profits from the sales of weapons to Iran to support the Nicaraguan resistance, how he assumed the President knew what he (North) was doing, what he (North) did with the memos, why he shredded them, and whether President Reagan has been exonerated. Includes contribution from the committee’s chief counsel, John Neil(?), and panel chairman, Lee Hamilton. Male reporter not identified.
Oliver North; Lee Hamilton; John Neil(?)
USA; Iran; Nicaragua; Arms sales; Guerilla warfare; Ronald Reagan; Access to information; Guerilla activities; Financial aid; Political scandals; John Poindexter; Oliver North

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