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Susan Hagan and Sally Croft face US murder trial

Susan Hagan and Sally Croft face US murder trial
News report; Interview
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28 Jul 1994
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Marc de Leuw reports on the case of Susan Hagan and Sally Croft who quit Britain for a commune founded by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in Oregon, USA but became disillusioned and returned. In 1990 4 cult members confessed to a backdated plot to murder Oregon Federal State Attorney Charles Turner and implicated Hagan and Croft. The women have been fighting against deportation for 3 years but lost their case at the High Court and touched down in Oregon this morning to face the charges. Includes interviews with daughter, Katharine Hagan; campaigner Lord Longford (Francis Pakenham); Home Office minister David Maclean; John Perret(?), friend; Barry Bond, solicitor.
David MacLean; Marc De Leuw; Barry Bond; Katharine Hagan; Francis Pakenham; John Perret(?)
USA; Deportation; Conspiracy; UK; Homicide; Criminal justice system; Allegations; Religious sects; Religious communities; High courts; Right to justice; Oregon; Charles Turner; Sally Croft; Susan Hagan; Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

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