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Richard Nixon speech excerpts

Richard Nixon speech excerpts
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17 Apr 1973
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Excerpts from speeches of US President Richard Nixon, 1952-73 (or 74?) (28 items). Special feed from ABC Radio News to London Broadcasting. 1: 22/08/73. Nixon will not resign. 2: 30/04/73. Responsibility for Watergate rests with him. 3: 30/04/73. Watergate investigation. 4: 30/04/73. Dedicated to justice. 5: 30/04/73. Must have confidence in our government; includes the quote, There can be no whitewash in the White House. 6: 09/05/73. Will not stop doing what he was elected for in 1972. 7: 23/01/74(?). Peace agreement in Indo-China. 8: 20/01/73. Inauguration speech. 9: 07/11/72. Victory (in election) only meaningful if Americans share in it. 10: 21/02/72, in Peking. US-China relations. 11: 28/05/72, in Moscow. Call for friendship between US and Soviet Union. 12: 03/11/69. War in Vietnam. 13: 20/01/69. First inaugural speech. 14: 30/07/62(?). Speech to press after losing; includes quote, You don’t have Nixon to kick around any more. 15: 30/04/73. The image of the Government is important. 16: 30/04/73. Watergate does not show corruption in political system. 17: 23/01/74(?). Ceasefire in Vietnam and end of war only the beginning of peace. 18: 02/73(?), from Peking. On talks with Chinese leaders. 19: 02/73(?). On Great Wall of China no longer dividing China from rest of world. 20: 05/72(?), in Moscow. On peace for all the children of the world. 21: 05/72(?), in Moscow. SALT agreement. 22: 11/72. On election victory. 23: 09/05/74(?). Getting to the bottom of the Watergate affair. 24: 31/01/74(?). Peace in Vietnam, talking against his opposition. 25: 31/01/74(?). Wants to turn to European issues now that Vietnam is over. 26: 24/09/52. Famous Checkers speech, against accusations of a secret fund to run his campaign. 27: 24/09/52. Financial worth and the type of coat his wife Pat wears. 28: 24/09/52. Asks people to write in about keeping or dropping him as a vice-presidential candidate. Note: some of the years given above are tenuous as context makes unclear.
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Richard Nixon; ABC
USA; Politics; Government; USSR; China; International relations; International politics; Conflict resolution; Vietnam War (1945-1975); Political corruption; Nuclear disarmament; Richard Nixon; Presidents; Peacebuilding; Anti-nuclear movements; Politicians; Wars (events); Political scandals; East West relations; Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) (1972-1979)

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