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Parkinson’s picture show

Parkinson’s picture show
Interview; Music; Film review
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Parkinson’s Picture Show, a film review programme, with Michael Parkinson and his guest, the English actor, Peter Sellers. The programme also features Alexander Walker, film critic, reviewing the new film releases: Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, directed by John Hough; the remake of The Spiral Staircase, by Peter Collinson; Flash Gordon; and Roberta, with Fred Astaire. Peter Sellers is interviewed by Michael Parkinson on making the Pink Panther movies; the character of Jacques Clouseau; his new film, The Return of the Pink Panther; making the film Only Two Can Play, with the director Sidney Gilliat and co-actors Kenneth Griffith and Richard Attenborough; working for Stanley Kubrick; his use of the term, filmwallah, taken from Hindi; his criticism of film makers; Charlie Chaplin and the book My Life in Pictures; the film, The Optimists of Nine Elms; the actress, Irene Handl; the film, The Great McGonagall, with Peter Sellers reading from the poem, The Famous Tay Whale, by William McGonagall; his future plans. Programme also includes: Film News, with Quentin Falk; Michael Parkinson paying tribute to the late American film actor and director, George Marshall; theme music for the Pink Panther films, composed by Henry Mancini. Short breaks in recording where news and commercial breaks have been removed.
Peter Sellers; Michael Parkinson; Alexander Walker; Quentin Falk
Books; Actors; Films; Film industry; Poems; Gayle Hunnicutt; The Spiral Staircase; Peter Collinson; Dirty Mary Crazy Larry; John Hough; Jacqueline Bisset; Elaine Stritch; Christopher Plummer; Sam Wanamaker; Fred Astaire; Peter Sellers; Henry Mancini; Jacques Clouseau (fictional character); Blake Edwards; Richard Attenborough; Sidney Gilliat; Kenneth Griffith; Stanley Kubrick; Charlie Chaplin; Irene Handl; William McGonagall; Scott Fitzgerald; Marlene Dietrich; Destry Rides Again; Nora Watts; Richard Drewitt; Jason Pollock; George Marshall; Songs; Roberta; Flash Gordon; The Pink Panther; The Return of the Pink Panther; My Life in Pictures; The Great McGonagall; The Famous Tay Whale; The Great Gatsby; The Charleston; The Boys In The Back Room

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