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Tapes show Waite warned of possible danger before abduction

Tapes show Waite warned of possible danger before abduction
News report; Interview
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16 Apr 1988
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Alison Johns reports on a set of tapes smuggled out of Beirut by the Daily Express newspaper, which reveal that Church of England envoy, Terry Waite, chose to ignore warnings his life was in danger just before he was kidnapped in the Lebanon. The recordings, of telephone conversations between Waite and Frank Gallagher in the British Consul in Beirut, show an Arab terrorist, Muhammad Hamadei, had made threats on his life. Includes excerpt from recording and interview with David Waite, Terry’s brother. Broadcast on LBC AM programme.
Terry Waite; David Waite; Alison Johns; Frank Gallagher
Terrorism; Embassies and consulates; Church of England; Lebanon; Beirut; Hostages; Recordings; Daily Express; Abduction; Terry Waite

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