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17 Feb 1981
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An edition of BBC programme Newsnight. David Lomax interviews leaders of the Pakistan Peoples Party, Begum Nusrat Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto, wife and daughter of former President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, Ali Bhutto, about the future of Pakistan and the current martial law regime led by Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. Also John Sergeant reports on the day’s news including efforts to avoid a national coal strike; four Britons detained in Iran; Pope’s visit to the Philippines; memorial services after Valentines Day fire in Ireland; Princess Anne becoming Chancellor of the University of London. Shadow Home Secretary, Roy Hattersley talks about rifts in the Labour Party. Tim Gardom(?) reports on exercises by the Turkish military with comment defending the military government in Turkey and from two members of the American and British armed forces (both not identified). David Icke reports on the day’s sport with David Cass on a cricket match between England and the West Indies and Brian Glanville on the decline of Liverpool Football Club. Main presenter not identified. Includes trailer for upcoming BBC1 programme.
Roy Hattersley; BBC; John Sergeant; Benazir Bhutto; David Icke; David Lomax; Begum Nusrat Bhutto; Tim Gardom(?); David Cass; Brian Glanville
USA; Iran; Popes; Deaths; Elections; Politics; Sport; Sports competitions; Trade unions; Labour Party; Armed forces; Strikes; Labour disputes; Newspapers; Law; Labour relations; Fires; Police; Ireland; Political groups; ASLEF; USSR; Pakistan; Political systems; Political parties; Conferences; Shirley Williams; Defence; Association football; Oppression; Cricket; Coal miners; Television programmes; Courts; Political corruption; NATO; Funerals; Hostages; Royal family; Heads of state; Royalty; Princess Anne; Party politics; Council for Social Democracy; Military exercises; Turkey; Ronald Reagan; Liverpool Football Club; Military government; Military law; Television current affairs programmes; Ali Bhutto; Political power; University of London; Trade union members; International defence; Princess Royal; Sports teams; Philippines; Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq; Right to justice; Political behaviour; Factions; Pakistan Peoples Party; Persidents

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