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Sandra Gregory jailed in Thailand

Sandra Gregory jailed in Thailand
News report; Interview; Press conference
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29 Feb 1996
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Dominic Waghorn reports on the case of Sandra Gregory, a British woman sentenced to 25 years in jail in Thailand for trying to smuggle heroin out of the country that she said she was carrying for Robert Locke who was acquitted and on hopes for her transfer to serve her sentence in the UK. Includes Sandra sobbing and apologising as she speaks to reporters following her sentence; interviews with Linda Locke, mother of Robert; a friend of Sandra’s; Alice Mahon, Sandra’s MP; Beata Weeberley of Prisons Abroad on prison conditions in Thailand.
Dominic Waghorn; Alice Mahon; Sandra Gregory; Linda Locke; Beata Weeberley
UK; British; Prisons; Rights of prisoners; Living conditions; Illegal drugs; Narcotic drugs; Imprisonment; Heroin; Thailand; Sandra Gregory; Robert Locke; Prisons Abroad

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