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30 years of pirate radio

30 years of pirate radio
Interview; Music; Special; Jingle
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28 Mar 1994
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For the Backtracking feature on the Steve Jones Breakfast show, Steve Jones and Mark Phillips talk to Keith Skues about the pirate station Radio Caroline which is celebrating 30 years on air, pirate radio and development of commercial radio, and his career as a pirate broadcaster. They also discuss his new book Pop Went the Pirates and the personalities involved in 1960’s broadcasting. Includes Radio Caroline jingles and clips from Radio Caroline broadcasts and music.
Steve Jones; Mark Phillips; Keith Skues
Books; Radio Caroline; Piracy; Radio stations; Homicide; Tony Benn; Radio programmes; Commercial radio; Reg Calvert; Disc jockeys; Radio London; TV/radio presenters; Alan West; Radio City; Tony Blackburn; Pop Went the Pirates; Tony Windsor; Emperor Rosco; Saturday Club; John Dunn; Major Oliver Smedley; Radio North Sea International; Radio Nordsee International; Radio Veronica; Big L; Marine Offences Broadcasting Act 1967; Broadcasting Act 1990

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