Archbishop Luwum death

Archbishop Luwum death
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Feb 1977
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Unidentified reporter interviews Roger Mann local reporter on the memorial service for Archbishop Luwum who died along with Ugandan Cabinet ministers, Arphaxed Charles Oboth-Afumbi and Erenayo Wilson Oreyema in a road accident on 17 Feb 1977. The car was driven by Major Moses. The three men were trying to escape arrest for their alleged part in a plot to overthrow President Idi Amin. The deaths are regarded as suspicious after the bodies were secretly buried. Amin feels threatened by the church. Also speaks on tribal conflict within the country and lack of organised resistance.
Roger Mann
Uganda; Idi Amin; Presidents; Dictatorship; Tribes; Janani Luwum; Arphaxed Charles Oboth-Ofumbi; Erenayo Wilson Oreyema; Major Moses; Road accidents; Milton Obote

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