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Robert Maxwell’s death

Robert Maxwell’s death
News report; Interview; Press conference; Speech
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19 Jan 1996
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Malcolm Brown summarizes the events after Robert Maxwell’s death at sea with views of him turning from hero turning to crook. Includes news report from the time of his death; Mirror Newspaper official Bob Cole briefing the press on Maxwell’s death; Richard Stott, Mirror editor denying it was suicide; Robert Maxwell on buying the Mirror Group newspapers; Israeli PM Chaim Herzog speaking at his funeral; former Sunday Mirror editor Eve Pollard; Charlie Wilson, MGN editorial director; Ken Trent of pensioners’ group; Frank Field committee chairman questioning Kevin Maxwell and George Carman QC replying representing Kevin; Kevin Maxwell speaking after his arrest.
Robert Maxwell; Frank Field; Chaim Herzog; Kevin Maxwell; Malcolm Brown; Eve Pollard; Bob Cole; Richard Stott; Ken Trent; George Carman
Deaths; Newspapers; Fraud; Pensions; Trials; Robert Maxwell; Kevin Maxwell

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