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My millennium: life beyond the year 2000

My millennium: life beyond the year 2000
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Chris Mann interviews Labour MP Glenda Jackson on life beyond the year 2000, covering her personal aspirations for the new millennium. Jackson advocates more women MPs in the House of Commons by shortlisting; the abolition of heredity life peers in the House of Lords; the equality of women under the law; the importance of international education in birth control. She also talks about women MPs in the House, including working hours; the possibility of Britain becoming a republic; the current poor perception of the monarchy in the press; equal pay and flexible working for the female workforce; the importance of a fully accessible integrated urban public transport system; revitalising the inner city areas; crime prevention and victim support; the need for the Metropolitan Police to counter racism. Jackson also advocates increasing the power of the European Parliament, emphasising Britain’s part in the European Union and discussing the possible break up of the United Kingdom.
Glenda Jackson; Chris Mann
Politics; Glenda Jackson; Transport; Labour Party; Crime; Future society; Parliament; Police; UK; Women; Members of Parliament; House of Lords; Monarchy; Europe; EU

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