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Sunday Supplement: interview and music programme - Ocean Sound - CD72

Sunday Supplement: interview and music programme - Ocean Sound - CD72
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16 Apr 1989 at 18:00
The CDs from No. 54 to 74, are Sunday Supplements presented by Amanda Ware, single tracks. Either the tapes have been edited, or the programmes ran without commercial breaks. The transmission time is changed to 18:00-19:00. This is possibly part of re-scheduling following the revision of Ocean Sound on 4th Dec 1988. They are interview and music programmes. CD72- Three Interviews. 1- Tom Sherlock. Amanda Ware is touring through the United States to find interesting people to interview. And today, she is with Tom Sherlock, an American historian of the Arlington National Cemetery, especially built for all the soldiers and people that died in any kind of war since the Civil War in the USA. He has a degree in American History from Maryland University and he has also sailed around the world single handed. He talks about his life, his career and about the Cemetery, including the ceremonies which have taken place there. President John F. Kennedy is buried there and his brother Robert Kennedy as well. Music. At 16:47 mins. Amanda Ware is standing in front of the grave of John Kennedy amongst a croud of many others which come there every year. Millions of people from all over the world have visited his grave to pay tribute to this incredible statesman. Music. At 21:30 mins, a second interview with a gentleman residing in Newport Road Island - John Horn III. He calls himself a sailor, captain of some sort and a lover of the sea, and maybe this is why people call him Captain Horn. He comes from Wales in the UK and all his family loved sailing. He wants to sail around the world single handed, and it is a challenge for him because he lost one arm in a motorcyle accident in 1974 and became disabled. He talks about his life and his enjoyment of sailing. 3- Again, in the same Newport Road Island, USA, Amanda Ware talks to Tim Murray, boatbuilder working on a refit of the yacht Shamrock. He is at the moment rebuilding and renovating the race boat originally built in Southampton in 1929. He tells the history of this boat and how he got involved in this project. Music ends. [Box 11]
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Music at approx 0-3, 14-16, 17-21, 31-35, 45-49, 55-59 mins. There are references to the Southampton UK area.
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Ocean Sound
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Amanda Ware
Tom Sherlock; John Horn III; Tim Murray

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