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Sunday Supplement: interview and music programme - Ocean Sound - CD37

Sunday Supplement: interview and music programme - Ocean Sound - CD37
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14 Aug 1988 at 16:00
SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT: A series of programmes with interviews and music, transmitted from 16:00 to 17:00 on Ocean Sound North. The Light FM. Presented by Amanda Ware. CD37- Interview with Maldwin Drummond. Amanda Ware is in a beautiful cottage House intervieing Maldwin Drummond, who has an incredible busy life: he was the Countryside Commissioner, he is currently the senior of the New Forest Verderer and Chairman of the Forest Museum, which he actually founded 15 years ago. He is Chairman of the Maritime Trust, past President of Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society, he is on the Committee of RNLI, he has been the High Sheriff for Hampshire 1980-81, past Chairman of the Sail Training Association, he has been member of the Hampshire County Council, has been on the Transport Docks Board of Southampton. He has also, in his spare time, received a certificate in Environmental Science from Southampton University, and he is an author and sailor. He talks about his House, his life and his career. For reference to HMS Warrior see AV35/WOB/1 and 2. [Box 11]
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Track 1- Music at approx 3-6, 11-15 mins. Track 2- Music at approx 5-7, 12-15 mins. Track 3- Music at approx 3-5, 12-15 mins. Track 4- Music at approx 3-6 mins.
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Ocean Sound
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Maldwin Drummond
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