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Southampton Docks History

Southampton Docks History
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1 Aug 1989 at 07:15
5 tapes 1 CD, transmitted in 4 days: from 1 to 4th of August 1989. Short features presented by Sarah Shepherd, with interviews. First day: 01-08-1989 - Track 1 [Tape 1 Band 1]: History of Southampton and port - Roman, Saxon, Viking, Medieval; also expansion with the railway. Second day: 02-08-1989 - Track 2 [Tape 1 Band 2]: Ocean Liners - report and memories. Third day: 03-08-1989 [Tape 3]: memories of docks life and changes. Fourth day: 04-08-1989 [Tape 2]: modern developments; Track 5 [Tape 4]: report of the dockers strike. [Box 11]
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These features were broadcast on consecutive days, although the cue sheet for track 2 suggests a change to the original schedule. CD tracks have been arranged in TX sequence, whereas the tapes are out of order.
Production company
Ocean Sound
5 tapes 1CD

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