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Ocean Sound This Week No.101: Programme 101 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.101: Programme 101 of a weekly news and sports review
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2 Oct 1988 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO.101 Programme 101 of a weekly news and sports review called OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK broadcast by independent local radio station OCEAN SOUND on 2nd October 1988. Presented by PETE WARDMAN. 00:01-01:15 - INTRODUCTION ban dogs from the beaches. 01:17-04:10 - A memorial service for the 8 soldiers killed in last months IRA. 37:04-39:54 - PENNY GOWER interviews JIMMY MULVILLE and DIANA HARDCASTLE, stars bus bomb was held in Winchester. They had all been in the Light of the T.V. series That’s Love, about the comedy programme and Infantry based at the Sir John Moore Barracks. JANE HILL was at how they first got into the business of making people laugh. the service. 39:58-45:15 - PETE WARDMAN talks to two members of The Bible, about their group. 04:20-07:07 - Portsmouth F.C. joined Ministry of Transport this week to launch a and work. Road Safety Campaign to combat the thousands of child deaths on the roads. ZELDA BLAKEY has been finding out about the campaign. 45:21-48:56 - NETWORK CHART MUSIC SURVEY. No. 1 Desire, by U2. 07:08-09:59 - Child deaths on the roads have increased on the I.O.W - The I.O.W. 49:26-51:25 - CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENT AND MUSIC County Council have launched campaign aimed at road users on the island. MARIE ALLEN hears from NICK WHITE, the County Council’s Transport Engineer, about a common link between the 9 deaths this year. 10:58-16:18 - FAITH BROWN talks to GUY HORNSBY about her career as an impressionist and tells how she would teach a novice how to do impressions. 16:22-19:41 - BOB SMITH left his home in Chichester 33 years ago to start a new life in New Zealand. He has just returned here for a visit and met CHERYL BUGGY in a pub to talk about his decision to emigrate in the 1950 s. 19:44-23:48 - SARA WILLIAMS, from Newport I.O.W., belongs to the Island’s Psychic Experience Group and she has had many ghostly experiences. She took MARIE ALLEN to a deserted hilltop where there was once an Elizabethan Manor. SARA is compiling an Island Register of Supernatural Sightings and asked for people to phone her. [Box 11]
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Track 6 is programme trail with only 0:30 seconds. Outro and programme trail play at 15ips on most tapes. Track 4- Music at 10-11, 12-15 mins.
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1:00 min, Track 5; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Ocean Sound
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Guy Hornsby; Pete Wardman; Zelda Blakey; Jane Hill; Marie Allen; Penny Gower; Cheryl Buggy
Pete Wardman
Jimmy Mulville; Diana Hardcastle; Nick White; Faith Brown; Bob Smith; Sara Williams

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