Ocean Sound This Week No.99: Programme 99 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.99: Programme 99 of a weekly news and sports review
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18 Sep 1988 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 99 Programme 99 of a weekly news and sports review called OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK; broadcast by an independent radio station OCEAN SOUND on 18th September 1988. Presented by PETE WARDMAN. 00:01-01:45 - INTRODUCTION. 01:50-03:27 - OCEAN RESEARCH CENTRE - JANE HILL talks to PROFESSOR STEVEN THORPE about a proposed 35m pounds Ocean Research Centre in disused Empress docks at Southampton as a centre for excellence by Southampton University. 03:35-07:34 - Leading Leisure say that the I.O.W. must allow developments to go ahead, such as Lakeside, if it is to survive as a tourist centre. DAVID THOMAS is interviewed by MARIE ALLEN of the I.O.W programme. 07:43-13:04 - Hampshire County Council are promoting a Teenage Family Care Programme to encourage more people to volunteer as foster parents for teenage children whilst developing into adults. STEVE KING talks to TIM PASCOE about what the scheme involves. 13:55-18:01 - Ringwood Brewery’s Old Thumper, brew has won the title of Britain’s supreme ale after being voted top strong ale. The Brewery’s Managing Director DAVID WELLS tells JANE HILL how the beer is made. 18:07-23:16 - PAUL WYATT, chairman of Ryde’s Business Association, explains to the I.O.W programme how the new large proposed Westridge Company retail development would turn Ryde into a retail wilderness if allowed to go ahead, and how they will present their case at the public enquiry. 23:18-25:16 - Gosport Town centre may be turned into a pedestrian precinct. Highways chairman, PETER EDGAR tells how the Council will abide by a decision of a local independent Gallup Poll into the proposal. 26:10-33:40 - NEWS and SPORTS REVIEW presented by JANE HILL. 34:45-39:40 - STEVE KINGS speaks to GAVIN CAMPBELL and DOUGLAS STEWART, co-authors of a new book Family at Law, which is a guide on how to handle solicitors and avoid the pitfalls of the legal profession. 39:42-42:15 - GRANGE HILL cast and crew visit I.O.W. to make two episodes of the series. Production manager KEN ROBERTSON explains to the I.O.W. programme what the team will be doing. 42:17-47:11 - NETWORK CHART MUSIC SURVEY. NO. 1 : The Hollies - He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. 47:38-49:38 - CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENT AND MUSIC. [Box 11]
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Track 6 is programme trail with only 0:30 seconds. Outro and programme trail play at 15ips on most tapes. Track 4- Music at 8-12 mins.
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8:10 mins; Track 3; 1:00 min, Track 5; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Ocean Sound
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Pete Wardman
Jane Hill; Marie Allen; Steve King
Paul Wyatt; Steven Thorpe; David Thomas; Tim Pascoe; David Wells; Peter Edgar; Gavin Campbell; Douglas Stewart; Ken Robertson

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