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Ocean Sound This Week No.95: Programme 95 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.95: Programme 95 of a weekly news and sports review
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21 Aug 1988 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 95 Programme 95 of a weekly news and sports review called OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK; broadcast by independent radio station OCEAN SOUND on 21st August 1988. Presented by GUY HORNSBY. 01:01-01:12 - INTRODUCTION. 01:14-03:45 -The new A27, Chichester By-Pass. JANE HILL reports on PETER BOTTOMLEY cutting the tape to open the road. Highways Chairman, FRANK KEANE, reports on the history of building this piece of roadway. PETER BOTTOMLEY talks about the advantages of the road. 03:59-07:22 - Parkhurst Prison dispute. Prison Officer complain of under -staffing and the consequences of this to the prison regime and the effects on prison discipline. 07:27-12:59 - Windsurfing. A keen windsurfer JANE ERRICKER, talks to CHERYL BUGGY about how they cope with the British climate and the cold conditions. She describes the various types of board and how people use them. CHERYL BUGGY receives instruction. 13L53-17:15 - The GCSE exam and how pupils feel about it. ADAM HARDING talks to CHRIS WOOLSTON about the reactions of pupils and teachers generally to the new exams. 17:22-21:42 - GUY HORNSBY talks to ROGER MUGFORD, animal psychologist, about animal personalities and how animals react. 22:23-29:00 -REVIEW OF THE WEEK’S NEWS AND SPORTS BY KAREN WOODS. 29:57-31:24 - Report on STEVE WOODHOUSE’s sacking from Shanklin football team after speaking to the media following an incident with VINNY JONES of Wimbledon football team. MARIE ALLEN interviews WOODHOUSE. 31:27-33:27 - MARIE ALLEN talks to CLIFFORD EDMUND, from Billingham near Chale Green, who has threatened revenge on Island gossips who have ruined his plans to set up a goat farm on the island, by handing his land over to hippies and drug addicts. 33:37-35:39 - DEREK SANDER of the Sander Theatre School in Southampton talks to KENNETH MacALLISTER about teaching speech and drama and how to speak well. 35:44-40:54 - CHERYL BUGGY goes to MRS PIGGOT’s dance school in Gosport to learn about tap dancing. 40:59-42:04 - Voteline debate on speed limits for motorways. GORDON KEMP, senior traffic officer for Hampshire Constabulary, tells CHERYL BUGGY, how he supports the raising of the speed limit to 80mph. 42:10-45:17 - PENNY GOWER interviews DAME HILDA BRACKETT on HER life and career, and the type of music they use on Hinge and Brackett. 45:23-49:37 - NETWORK CHART MUSIC SURVEY - No.1: YAZZ and THE PLASTIC POPULATION - The only way is up. 49:44-50:33 - CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENTS and MUSIC. [Box 11]
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Track 6 is programme trail with only 0:30 seconds. Outro and programme trail play at 15ips on most tapes. Track 1- Music at 7-8 mins under speech. Track 4- Music at 16-19 mins 4f/ see AV35/SS/38/S1.
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1:00 min, Track 5; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Ocean Sound
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Guy Hornsby; Karen Woods; Adam Harding; Jane Hill; Marie Allen; Penny Gower; Cheryl Buggy; Kenneth MacAllister
Guy Hornsby
Peter Bottomley; Jane Erricker; Chris Woolston; Roger Mugford; Steve Woodhouse; Clifford Edmund; Derek Sander; Gordon Kemp; Dame Hilda Brackett

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