Ocean Sound This Week No.27: Programme 27 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.27: Programme 27 of a weekly news and sports review
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26 Apr 1987 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 27 Programme 27 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 26 April 1987. Presented by MATT HOPPER. TRACK 1- Ex Portsmouth Northern Grammar School boy, JAMES CALLAGHAN, speaking from the House of Commons, says he is very honoured to have made a Knight of the Garter. TRUDY BARBER interviews Sir DAVID ATTENBOROUGH about his new book The First Eden, which is all about the Mediteranean, the oldest humanised landscape in the World. His next TV projects will be two 12 part serials, one on fossils and the other on animal behaviour. Moody Blues sing Nights in White Satin, a 1987 classic. TRACK 2- DAVID WEAVER of Portsmouth Pharmaceutical Society is interviewed and says that the increase in drug abuse has greatly increased the risk of break-ins at chemists shops. Possibility of more secure storage of dangerous drugs, eg in safes but there is the dilemma of balancing genuine need for these items against risk of theft. ALISON JOHNS interviews ENID BILLINGTON, Area Education Officer, Portsmouth Health District, regarding launch of Government’s Look after your Heart 2,500,000 pounds campaign. In Portsmouth Area 4 people die from heart disease every day. Campaign will aim to discourage smoking, lack of exercise and excessive consumption of sugar and fatty foods. Music from 633 Squadron introduces JEAN PAUL HANSFORD who interviews LEN CRAMP. He hopes to build a wonder aeroplance which will revolutionise air transport and will be the most exciting thing since vertical landing and take off! Needs between 500,000 pounds and 800,000 pounds to get the project off the ground. Not an easy life being an inventor. Has had to mortgage house. TRACK 3- This week’s review of news and sport. News - KAREN WOODS reporting. Dt Supt BILL COOK interviewed regarding mysterious shooting a year ago of PETER THURGOOD and LINDY BENSTEAD, near Petersfield. COOK says that someone is witholding vital evidence. JANE HILL reports on tragic death of 11 year old RACHAEL COOK who ate a large meal before embarking on a sponsored charity swim at Chichester. JAMES CALLAGHAN speaks from Westminster about his being made a Knight of the Garter [see previous report on BAND 1]. 41 year old SHEILA OSMAN of Netley Abbey speaks of her delight giving birth to a bouncing baby boy 16 years after being sterilised. She already has 5 children whose ages range from 16 to 23! Sport - GUY PHILLIPS reporting. Hampshire’s MALCOLM MARSHALL from the West Indies hits 90 against Northamptonshire. Southampton draw with Sheffield Wednesday 1-1 and with Charlton 2-2. MIKE VIMPANY comperes. Pompey beat Grimsby 2-0. DAVID GIBBONS reports. Havant Half Marathon won by Sam Lamborn from Brighton. Over 1,000 runners. One man who opted out at the last minute was EDDIE COOK, President of the Havant Athletics Club, who says: The mind was willing but the body not! TRACK 4- BRIAN COOK in Hong Kong interviews Lt Cdr RICHARD CLAPP, Captain of HMS Starling and very much involved in picking up and detaining illegal immigrants who are handed over to Royal Hong Kong Police. Able Seaman JIM SNOWDON of Starling drives The Sea Rider which is a 4.5m boat belonging to the ship. SNOWDON explains that it serves as a patrol vessel to re-inforce the detection process of illegal immigrants. TRACK 5- Down at Welmore Farm Chandlers Ford, MARK FLANAGAN interviews farmer GORDON NEAGLE, busy milking his herd of 136 cows in his modern milking parlour. Cows do not seem to mind mechanical milking. Average yield 6 gallons per day per cow with twice a day milking. Madonna sings La Isle Bonita, this week’s Network No 1. Listeners are reminded of Ocean Sound’s Give a Child a Chance charity appeal. [Box 9]
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Ocean Sound
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Matt Hopper
James Callagham; Enid Billington; Sir David Attenborough; David Weaver; Len Cramp; Bill Cook; Sheila Osman; Eddie Cook; Jim Snowdon; Gordon Neagle
Karen Woods; Guy Phillips; Jean Paul Hansford; Mark Flanagan; Jane Hill; Alison Johns; Trudy Barber; David Gibbons

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