Ocean Sound This Week No.16: Programme 16 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.16: Programme 16 of a weekly news and sports review
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6 Feb 1987 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 16 Programme 16 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 6 February 1987. Presented by MATT HOPPER. TRACK 1- ADAM HARDING reports on latest developments in enquiry into the tragic death of MICHAEL LUSH when doing TV stunt. JIM DOWDELL, leading professional stuntman, condemns BBC’s lax preparations for stunt. Reports of 120,000 pounds compensation to family of deceased neither denied or confirmed. ROBIN WINTLE, acting solicitor for deceased’s family, said of the BBC Safety took a back seat. NOEL EDMUNDS, presenter, since resigned, says he has been used as a whipping post. JEAN-PAUL HANSFORD meets Warrant Officer TERRY MCCARTHY, compere of re-formed Squadranaires, currently appearing at Medina Theatre, Isle of Wight. Famous wartime band, made up of many famous musicians, re-started in 1985. They play signature tune There’s something in the Air. TRACK 2- NICK CARTER interviews HENRY WILLIS the 4th present owner of one of only 30 organ building factories in the UK. This one is at Petersfield. Mr Willis takes Carter on a conducted tour round the workshops including the erection hall and voicing shop, where he is shown some pipes which are to be part of the Alexandra Palace organ, in course of restoration. Music The Pipes of Peace played. TRACK 3- CHRIS RIDER reviews the week’s news and sports. News - Southampton detectives hunt bearded strongman armed with knife wanted for rape. 29 year old ANDREW GEORGE SHEPHERDSON escaped from custody. 25 year old GLENDA MADDEN ? who tried to hang herself whilst being held in a Portsmouth police cell dies in hospital. KARL ELLER, US boss of Arizona based Circle K Corporation pays 20 million pounds for one of Hampshire’s best known store chains, Sperrings newsagents. JEAN HOOPER, spokeswoman for St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth, says parents must have confidence in staff, commenting on recent scare over child patients in health risk. Workmen busy at Portsmouth Guildhall scrubbing off red paint from pillars in front of building daubed by vandals. Lord Montagu pays tribute to Liberace whose death is announced. Sport - GUY PHILLIPS reporting. Pompey lose 0-4 to Wimbledon in 4th round of FA Cup. ALAN BALL, Manager says They were poor on the day. Pompey’s MICK QUINN released from 21 day jail sentence for driving whilst disqualified, after serving 14 days. Southampton beats Coventry City 2-0. Bournemouth draw with Blackpool 1-1. In darts, Gosport’s JED HARROP goes to Oldham to face world champion, JOHN LOWE in the 1st round of the Dry Blackthorne Masters Tournament. He gets beaten. Is interviewed prior to this. TRACK 4- CLIFF SENTENCE, proprietor of a Lymington vinyard, is interviewed about the scope of his operation. Makes white wine only and can produce 16,000 bottles in a good harvest. Cannot compete pricewise with Continent because of small scale production. Aims for quality rather than quantity. British licencing hours restrict his ability to serve visitors with wine in the afternoon. Sound of popping cork. Music. TRACK 5- ALISON HOLT reports on an unbelievable top level Whitehall investigation into trading by the Mary Rose Trust. Apparently they have been selling German marzipan cakes to visitors. ARTHUR ROGERS, spokesman for the Trust, explains that the marzipan is deliberately German for authenticity. That’s what it would have been in the Middle Ages, but Whitehall insists that the Trust is thereby undermining the British marzipan industry! Visitors eating German marzipan are getting much closer to Henry the 8th but MATT HOPPER comments Who would want to get too close to Henry with all that beheading. The marzipan might be hard to swallow! Aretha Franklin and George Michael sing I knew you were Waiting, this week’s Network No 1. [Box 9]
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Track 2- See also AV35/PW/1/S1. Track 2- Music at approx 4-7 mins. Track 5- Music at approx 4-8 mins.
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Ocean Sound
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Chris Rider; Alison Holt; Guy Phillips; Jean Paul Hansford; Adam Harding; Nick Carter
Arthur Rogers; Alan Ball; Noel Edmunds; Terry McCarthy; Henry Willis; Jean Hooper; John Lowe; Cliff Sentence
Matt Hopper

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