Ocean Sound This Week No.14: Programme 14 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.14: Programme 14 of a weekly news and sports review
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23 Jan 1987 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 14 Programme 14 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 23rd January 1987. Presented by MATT HOPPER. TRACK 1- A look at two ancient cities - Winchester and Chichester. At Winchester CANON DEEDS / DEEDES, Master of St Cross Hospital, explains that it is probably the oldest hospital in the Country, having been founded in 1136. It is really sheltered accomodation, looking after the poor and elderly over 60 years of age. Wayfarers are still entitled to claim a horn of wine and a morsel of bread, provided the daily supply holds out! Winchester’s Chief Executive, DAVID COWAN, comments on yet further proposals for the route of the M3 proposed motorway round the City. The Governor of Winchester Prison, VEY ROBERTS, asked Do prisoners have an easy life? gives an emphatic No!. The life is tension free, certainly. Unconvicted inmates are not obliged to work. Convicted prisoners work in the 3 workshops - when there is work - or sew mailbags. There are 720 prisoners and no more than 2 to a cell. Local guide at Winchester Cathedral, JOY HUMPHRIES, talks about the time when the great cathedral was threatened by subsidence. Between 1906 and 1912 WILLIAM WALKER laboured beneath the foundations at the Eastern end of the building and, working single handed in a diving suit, removed tons of rotten wood and sea shell, replacing it with bags of sand. The story is still favourite with tourists. TRACK 2- CHRIS CARNEGY, at the offices of the Chichester Observer, interviews Captain IAN MACKAY, Manager and Harbourmaster of Chichester Harbour Conservancy, who enthuses over the attractions of the area - its peace, birdlife, views of the downs and generally relaxing atmosphere. Reminds Chris of the considerable involvement of the Harbour area with the D-Day preparations in WW2. NICK CARTER interviews ANDREW AND ANN TURNER-CROSS at the Old Bakery, Slindon, which they have brought back into use, using the old wood fired oven. They moved in 4 years ago when the buildings were derelict. Original buildings date from 1740s although a shop and possible bakery were there in the 1840s. TRACK 4- CHRIS RIDER reviews this week’s news and sports. News - Fareham Borough Council’s Health Director, PHIL RAYBOLD, comments on report commissioned by anxious parents seeking causes of higher than average incidence of leukaemia in the area. Says it’s unscientific and findings should be treated with reserve. John Moore, Trade and Industry Secretary, officially opens the new 37 million pounds oil pipeline linking Esso Oil Refinery with Midlands and North West. 2 million gallons daily can be pumped through its 140 mile length. Marconi wins 40 million pounds contract for communication payloads on next generation satellites. ZELDA BLAKEY reports. Pompey footballer, MIKE QUINN, gets 21 day jail sentence for driving whilst disqualified, having similarly offended on 2 previous occasions. Pompey Manager, ALAN BALL, very disappointed for the boy. SUE OWEN reports on 3rd day of enquiry into the death of MICHAEL LUSH whilst doing a stunt for TV which went tragically wrong. Professional stuntman, PAUL MATTHEWS, makes scathing comment on incompetence of programme producers. Leader of Southampton City Council, ALAN WHITEHEAD, calls for full enquiry into chemical spillage from tanker at Portswood. What was defective tanker doing on the road? Sport - GUY PHILLIPS reporting. Further comment on Pompey’s MICK QUINN, jailed for breach of driving disqualification. Pompey Chairman, JOHN DEACON, says no disciplinary action will be taken. In semi-final for Littlewoods Cup Southampton will meet Liverpool if they can beat Shrewsbury. Arsenal will be against West Ham or Tottenham. In basketball Portsmouth achieves 91 to 81 point victory over BCP London. Portsmouth Coach, DAN LLOYD, says this win very important. In ice hockey, Southampton’s Vikings home match against Slough at Bannister Road abandoned through a power failure when Vikings leading by 7 points to 5 within minutes of final whistle. Chairman, JESS FIELDER, says I just can’t believe it! Ice Hockey association subsequently award Vikings their win. TRACK 4- GUY PHILLIPS interviews Portsmouth’s DAVE BAMBER, competing in bobsleigh championship at Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. What is it like to hurtle down a three quarter mile slope in less than a minute at 90 mph with your face only 2 inches from the ground? Awesome. You cannot stop once you get going. Going down a particularly snaky part of the course is like being in a washing machine. GUY PHILLIPS interviews BARRY AND HAZEL SMITH of Alderholt, near Ringwood, who are competing against over 50 teams at Aviemore, Scotland for the British Husky Racing Championships. The Smith’s train their dogs locally using custom built tri-wheeled Chariots because there is not enough snow. Hazel says huskies are very intelligent and there is always a leader. Their team of four attain 25 mph on practice run. TRACK 5- Following the much publicised resignation of Barbara Barnes as Nannie to the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales, MARK FLANAGAN interviews SUE DANIELLS who runs a local Need a Nannie agency. Women needing such service now come from the young career girl class. They need the service to pursue their professions and not for social reasons, as used to be the case. What to look for in a Nannie? Sense of humour and genuine caring attitude. New on this week’s Network No 1 Jack Your Body, by Steve Silk Hurley. ALISON HOLT reports further on 25 page report commissioned by anxious Fareham parents regarding the leukaemia scare in the locality. Fareham’s Director of Health Services, PAUL RAYBOLD, still not convinced that there is any substance in the report’s conclusions. More research needed. [Box 9]
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Mike Quinn; John Deacon; Alan Ball; David Cowan; Canon Deeds Deedes; Vey Roberts; William Walker; Ian MacKay; Andrew Turner Cross; Ann Turner Cross; Michael Lush; Paul Matthews; Alan Whitehead; Mick Quinn; Dan Lloyd; Jess Fielder; Dave Bamber; Barry Smith; Hazel Smith; Sue Daniells; Paul Raybold
Chris Rider; Alison Holt; Guy Phillips; Chris Carnegy; Mark Flanagan; Zelda Blakey; Nick Carter; Phil Raybold
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