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Portsea Island Discs: Chrissie Pollard, broadcaster

Portsea Island Discs: Chrissie Pollard, broadcaster
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4 Nov 1984
Portsea Island Discs: Chrissie Pollard, broadcaster, introduced by Andy Ferriss. She is a former Radio Victory broadcaster, and now she is on television TVS in the programme Coast to Coast. She started her career as an apprentice journalist in Bristol when she was 17 years-old, encouraged by her father. Then, she went to work for BBC Radio in Birmingham. After this, she wanted a more challenging adventure, and went to Germany, in Cologne, to broadcast as a network for British Force Radio. After this, she had an invitation to go to Malta, to work at a radio station again. Then, she came back to England to the old place in Birmingham, this time broadcasting for Radio Victory. She worked there for 5 years, and finally she is now on TVS. She talks about her life, her career and her hobbies. [Box 7]
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Track 1- Music at approx 0-3 mins; 8 mins to end. Track 2- Music at approx 5-8 mins; 11-14 mins; 18 mins to end. Track 3- Music at approx 4-7 mins; 10-13 mins; 18 mins to end.
Misc. notes
Duration: 3 Tracks; Speed:- 7.5ips
Production company
Radio Victory
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1 tape


Andy Ferriss
Chrissie Pollard

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