Ocean Sound This Week No.11: Programme 11 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.11: Programme 11 of a weekly news and sports review
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31 Dec 1986 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 11 Programme reviewing events since independent local radio station Ocean Sound, opened, broadcast on 31 December 1986. Presented by MATT HOPPER. TRACK 1- A look back to the year 1986 when on October 12th the new radio station was born to the sound of a crying baby which was, in fact, the second child, born that day, of Suman and Amil Suid, Portswood, Southampton newsagents. On that day Chairman of Ocean Sound, PHILLIP POLLOCK, opened station saying We want to be on your wavelength. Previous research into what the public wanted from the new station not surprisingly showed a demand for pop music, oldies, sport, news, weather, competitions, birthday announcements and chat shows. GUY HORNSBY announces first record request - Stevie Wonder singing I just called to say I Love You. TRACK 2- HRH The Prince of Wales officially opens the new studio on 12 October 1986. [See OSTW - 5 December 1986 - Band 1]. TRACK 3- CHRIS CARNEGY interviews JEFFREY ARCHER following his shock resignation as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party over personal revelations in press. ARCHER shrugs off his decision reminding Carnegy that this is not the first time he has resigned - he previously resigned as MP when facing bankruptcy prompting him into writing his first novel Not a Penny More - Not a Penny Less, a highly successful venture which restored his finances and launched him into a spectactularly profitable literary career. How does he get on with Mrs Thatcher? Very well. She is a gentle, caring person. It is an easy relationship. JIM HICKS interviews LEO SAYER, composer of the hit song Orchard Road, and asks Is there an Orchard Road? [See OSTW - 14 November 1986 - Band 1]. TRACK 4- Four out of six teaching unions accept pay offer and end long running dispute. PETER TIPPETTS and MICHAEL PIPES, representing the 2 dissenting unions are interviewed. [See OSTW - 21 November 1986 - Band 1] Sport - JEAN PAUL HANSFORD interviews DAVID ICKE regarding his proposed Olympic Games for the mentally handicapped. [See OSTW - 21 November 1986 - Band 1]. TRACK 5- JEAN PAUL HANSFORD interviews DENIS HALL, Director of Southampton’s new Mayflower Theatre regarding opening on 24 February 1987. [See OSTW - 28 November 1986 - Band 4] Look back at a report by ALISON HOLT on 19 October 1986 on a horrific fire at a house in Chestnut Avenue, Eastleigh. A two year old child, playing with matches, with an 11 month old baby starts balze which completely guts house and threatens neighbouring property. Children saved. ANGELO ENRICO, a Hampshire fireman, describes blow torch, effect of fire. Neighbour, JANE DAVIS, speaks of her fear that her own house would go. TRACK 6- Stars of Eastenders, have had their share of hits. Nick Berry sings Every Loser Wins, the year’s Network No 1. Finally a Chichester man heavily fined for driving a horse drawn chariot furiously along Eastern Road, Portsmouth. KAREN WOODS reports that ROBIN CHATFIELD admitted driving at 28 mph past a police car because the horse was out of control. [Box 7]
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Some repetition of material from AV35/OSTW1-10/S1. Track 5: final two words have been cut in error.
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Ocean Sound
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Jeffrey Archer; Peter Tippetts; Leo Sayer; Michael Pipes; Denis Hall; Angelo Enrico; Jane Davis
Matt Hopper; Guy Hornsby; Phillip Pollock
Karen Woods; Alison Holt; Jim Hicks; Jean Paul Hansford; Chris Carnegy

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