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Gallery: Learning to play the keyboard at the Brian Lake Music School

Gallery: Learning to play the keyboard at the Brian Lake Music School
Transmission details
30 Dec 1984 at 21:00
GALLERY [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] Programme transmitted on Radio Victory on 30 December 1984 starting at 21.00 hours entitled Gallery. The presenter is IAN GILCHRIST and gives the record of progress over a three month period of complete beginnner learning to play a keyboard by the Yamaha method. TRACK 1- In - Music - IAN GILCHRIST looks at teaching people to play keyboard instrument by method which is claimed to be twice or three times as quick as conventional method. JENNY WATERS of Sales Department has been learning for last three months using this method from BRIAN LAKE of Brian Lake Music Ltd at Waterlooville where he runs a teaching school. BRIAN LAKE talks about range of sound available on modern keyboards [demonstrates on 2500 pounds model]. He has never had a lesson. Modern organ is not a conventional instrument. JENNY WATERS describes why she wanted to play. BRIAN LAKE - his teaching method [Yamaha system] concentrates on teaching people to play tunes immediately - use sight and sound in combination. Necessity to practise 20-30 minutes a day. Yamaha course lasts 5 years. Must use correct fingers. 1st lesson - teaching fingering. Jenny learnt Merrily we go along, knew nothing about keyboard before 1st lesson. Tutor - ISABEL SHAW - began lesson by teaching rhythm patterns, where Middle C is. Left hand plays single note chords. Modern keyboards allow people to make a pleasant sound as soon as possible. Chording made simple for beginners. BRIAN LAKE demonstrates how can introduce chords rhythm, and other sounds of orchestra etc, by turning different knobs. Keyboard can reproduce orchestral sound of vibrato. Lesson 4 - JENNY WATERS has learnt how to play proper chord - can now play London Bridge right and left hand with 3 finger chords in left hand. Also plays Ode to Joy [adapt. Beethoven]. Students can practise after hours on organs in studio. BRIAN LAKE plays Tropical Mirage, by Ron Goodwin. Out - ... see how Jenny’s getting on. TRACK 2- In - Lesson 6- ISABEL SHAW teaches JENNY WATERS to play Sur le pont’d Avignon. And Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. BRIAN LAKE says it is important to relax when learning to play. Out - ... lesson eight. TRACK 3- JENNY WATERS plays Sur le pont’d Avignon00 [lesson 8]. BRIAN LAKE considers Jenny and her class to be good students. Thinks Jenny would have been bored if taught by conventional methods. She finds it enjoyable. Practice can be done with headphones. Last lesson - Jenny plays Christmas medley and Ode to Joy, in front of class. BRIAN LAKE hopes Jenny continues with keyboard - she would need to buy instrument to continue - 350 pounds at least. Out - Brian Lake plays keyboard medley. [Box 7]
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Misc. notes
Speed:- 7.5ips; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
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1 tape


Ian Gilchrist
Jenny Waters; Brian Lake; Isabel Shaw

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