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Counterpoint with Peter Imbert Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police

Counterpoint with Peter Imbert Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police
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11 Oct 1979
Thames Valley’s Police Chief Peter Imbert labelled as Wierdies people who are crying out for what he calls - A Sacrificial Lamb - over the death of demonstrator Blair Peach, killed during anti-national front riots in Southall in April. Talking to the TV Police Federation at Oxford Town Hall, Mr Imbert said he had not heard a word of remorse over the death of Police Constable Kellan, killed by an axe in a Wiltshire Churchyard. Two notes after, Mr Imbert described both deaths as tragedies, but said - stupid utterances by extremists, reduce their credibility in the eys of the public. [Box 6]
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This tape fluctuates in speed [?originally recorded on faulty machine]. To try to compensate, variable pitch was used and the CD tracked. Editing was as thorough as possible; but because the Fostex does not permit erasing of tracks, faults could not easily be rectified. Tape speeds used are shown in column 2. Track 6 - 6.0ips is the lowest speed of the Otari, and the pitch is sometimes still too high. NB tracks may overlap.
Misc. notes
Track 2: 8:25 mins [[7ips]; Track 3: 9:05 mins [6.8ips]; Track 4: 1:30 mins [6.8ips]; Track 5: 7:50 mins [6.1ips]; Track 6: 23:05 mins [6.0-6.9ips]; Track 6 was left to run and the pitch adjusted as necessary.
Production company
Radio 210
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Phil Coope
Phil Coope
Peter Imbert
Other Technicians
David Addis

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