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Down to Earth No.1: Gardening programme presented by Dave Carson

Down to Earth No.1: Gardening programme presented by Dave Carson
Transmission details
14 Dec 1982
DOWN TO EARTH NO.1 [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] One of a series of gardening programmes on Radio Victory called: Down to Earth. Presented by DAVE CARSON. TRACK 1- Dave Carson talks to PAUL HANSFIELD from Unwins about multi-seed ways of sowing, sow several seeds in one place eg in a peat block, suitable only for early maturing crops. Talks about seed packaging. Tomatoes - Unwins have grown 84 varieties in trial ground. Commercial growers go for plants producing quantity of fruit. Suggests varieties suitable for amateur. Aubergines and peppers. TRACK 2- Dave Carson and PAUL HANSFIELD talk about new geranium called Harlequin, range 5/6 colours. Needs to be able to trail. Importance of good name for new variety. Plants and seeds by mail order - seeds will come at same time, plants and cuttings when ready. TRACK 3- In - We are gardening on Radio Victory ... Discussion about pansies, can be used as winter and spring bedding plant. Pansies fairly hardy as are antirrhinums, dianthus and carnations - long growing season. Other plants suitable as early bedding plants suggested. Propagation pits useful in greenhouse for more tender plants. Unwins 1983 catalogue - Gazania Sundance favourite flower in 1983 catalogue. Pumpkin - most interesting vegetable. Best value for money to grow, runner beans. [Box 6]
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There are other DTE tapes; Tracks 1 and 2 have been digitised as examples.
Misc. notes
Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
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Dave Carson
Paul Hansfield

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