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Commercials Radio Victory from February, March, April 1977: 80 Tracks - nd [Feb-Apr 1977]

Commercials Radio Victory from February, March, April 1977: 80 Tracks - nd [Feb-Apr 1977]
Commercials presented on Radio Victory from February, March and April 1977: 80 Tracks. TRACK 1- Coach and Horses Restaurant. TRACK 2- Debenhams telecommunications. TRACK 3- Buses x2. TRACK 4- Landports. TRACK 5- Holiday Express. TRACK 6- Co-op sits, Vac x2. TRACK 7- Anglian doors. TRACK 8- New Seekers. TRACK 9- Simple Simon. TRACK 10- D Artagnon. TRACK 11- Hire a Tool. TRACK 12- 18 Plus. TRACK 13- Roofbond. TRACK 14- Dodge City x4. TRACK 15- Huxfords. TRACK 16- Broadband. TRACK 17- Pine Court. TRACK 18- Debenhams x3. TRACK 19- Forfar. TRACK 20- Handiman. TRACK 21- TV Parlour x2. TRACK 22- Thruxton. TRACK 23- Co-op. TRACK 24- Tesco. TRACK 25- Gosport Market. TRACK 26- GA Day x2. TRACK 27- Pontins. TRACK 28- USG. TRACK 29- Ken Heanes. TRACK 30- Gosport Bedding. TRACK 31- Lang and Seager. TRACK 32- Tonrin Leisure. TRACK 33- Cresta Gas. TRACK 34- Kingdoms. TRACK 35- Beaumonts. TRACK 36- Bells Camping. TRACK 37- Chrysler. TRACK 38- Barries. TRACK 39- Dorothy Whitbread. TRACK 40- Wadham Stringer. TRACK 41- Pitstop. TRACK 42- Color Flair. TRACK 43- Gozo. TRACK 44- Art Wallpapers. TRACK 45- Weston Hart x2. TRACK 46- Handiman. TRACK 47- Portsmouth Reject. TRACK 48- Haskers. TRACK 49- Apollo. TRACK 50- USG. TRACK 51- Pall Europe. TRACK 52- Shirleys x2. TRACK 53- Perrins. TRACK 54- Boswells. TRACK 55- Bognor Building Supplies. TRACK 56- Turnwright. TRACK 57- GW Bentley. TRACK 58- Huxfords. TRACK 59- Keydell’s Nursery. TRACK 60- Wessex. TRACK 61- Gailey. TRACK 62- Fareham Repro x2. TRACK 63- Wobble at Nero. TRACK 64- Uncle Po. TRACK 65- Browns. TRACK 66- Peter Hancock. TRACK 67- Blake and Sons. TRACK 68- B and Q. TRACK 69- Avery Hardoll. TRACK 70- Portsmouth Foto. TRACK 71- Southern Food x2. TRACK 72- Co-op. TRACK 73- Peter Wilkes. TRACK 74-C and N Engineering. TRACK 75- Mould Tools. TRACK 76- LDB. TRACK 77- Warner St Clair x2. TRACK 78- RMM. TRACK 79- George Kingsbury. TRACK 80- Debenhams. [Box 6]
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Tape semi-edited; these recording seem to be overwrites. Some of the commercials are at 15ips, and have a better quality. Because of these factors the CD has been tracked per item. Some unedited atmosphere has been retained for research purposes. In some tracks there is variable pitch, possibly as a result of the changes in tape speed. NB the content order differs from the box menu - it is in reverse with slight variations. Not all the commercials have been included on the CD [repeats, etc.]. There are 434 similar tapes of commercials; this one has been digitised as an example.
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