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Morning Call Archive No.7: A selection of interviews: Jeffrey Archer; Ashley Courtney; Elizabeth Quinn - nd [1984]

Morning Call Archive No.7: A selection of interviews: Jeffrey Archer; Ashley Courtney; Elizabeth Quinn - nd [1984]
Morning Call Archive No.7: A selection of interviews from adio Victory’s Morning Call series, compiled as an archive reel by the station. TRACK 1- JEFFREY ARCHER [1st part see AV1/SS3 TX 8 July 1984] In - No 1 from the 60s ... Jeffrey Archer asked about his memories of 1965. Gives news on abolition of GLC. Describes how he came into writing after losing large sum of money. First book: Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less. Did not think he would make a living by writing. Granada TV is buying new book: First Among Equals, for 1 pound only, because proud his book to be shown on TV. Music Talks about difference between amateur and professional politician. Are more professionals now. MPs know what is happening locally but must also be above to govern nationally Thinks SDP may do better in next election. Makes many drafts of his books - believes in hard work and preparation. Does not know endings when begins to write. Preview of news bulletin. Music Adverts Victory jingle J Archer very wealthy but likes working and wants to live in Britain [does not want to be tax exile]. Misses politics, does not need to be paid to serve. Enjoys the power, being involved in events that change world. Discusses who might become PM after Margaret Thatcher, often is a matter of luck, being in the right place at the right time. Discusses presidential elections in America, possibility of woman being president or vice president. Music. TRACK 2-4: ASHLEY COURTENAY [aged 95]. TRACK 2- At Bognor Ashley Courtenay, has written hotel guide for 50 years: Lets Halt a while. After university, taught for a while, then worked for General Electric Co., became Advertising Manager. Staff Captain in WWII. After war took charge of Hulton Group Newspapers in Manchester. Then joined with another man to form Cross Courtenay Advertising Agency in Manchester. Then took job as senior director of Advertising Agency in London. After that started on own as Advertising consultant for hotels. TRACK 3- Began guide: Lets Halt A While in 1934, recommends hotels on basis of honest endeavour, choice based on personal preferences. Visits hotels at least once a year. Describes ways in which hotels have changed [and improved]. TRACK 4- In - My guest this morning ... Has returned to work recently, has written guide to pubs in W Sussex in which can get a meal, where wholesome English cooking can be found at reasonable price. Does not expect preferential treatment, goes to hotels etc incognito, cannot be bribed. Out - ... pleasure meeting you. Also on this band at 1.5ips is advert for Marshall Cavendish: The Great Composers. TRACKS 5-7: ELIZABETH QUINN, Best Actress 1981. TRACK 5- Awarded Best Actress, title for performance in: Children of a Lesser God, on at Kings Theatre Southsea. She is deaf and only learnt to speak recently. Describes how she began acting. Talks about sign language. TRACK 6- In - With me at the moment ... Talks about character she plays in: Children of a Lesser God. No affinity with character. Play is a love story and appeals to worldwide audience, accounts for its success. Play has humour. TRACK 7- In - With me at the moment ... Plays part in play remembering that each audience is there for first time, to keep performance fresh. Play needs audience participation. Hobbies include photography, walking. [Box 6]
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Includes music etc. Tracks 2-7 left channel only.
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5:46 mins, rack 7; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Radio Victory
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Jeffrey Archer; Ashley Courtenay; Elizabeth Quinn

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