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IRN Review of 1984 - nd [1984]

IRN Review of 1984 - nd [1984]
IRN Review of 1984 - nd [1984]. Some reports also on AV769/653/S1, Track 5. Miners dispute. Bombing of Grand Hotel Brighton during Tory Party Conference. Discontent within Tory Party: proposed aboltion of GLC and Metropolitan Councils. Change to Student Grants and University Feeds VAT or Food. Bad year for Labour Party. Political situation in Ireland. Report on American elections. Re-election of Ronald Reagan. Middle East problems: Lebanon/Gulf War/Iraq. Kuwait airliner hi-jack. Soviet Union: new leader Cherenko succeeds Andropov. Libyan Embassy - killing of WPC in London. Siege. Kidnap of Nigerian diplomat foiled. India: Mrs Ghandi assassinated. Her son takes her place as P.M. Chemical leak at Bhopal. Hong Kong. Agreement reached regarding the hand-over after lease runs out in 1997. Europe. Budget row with EEC finally resolved. Space technology. D-Day landings, 40 years on. Motorway madness: 9 dead in M25 pile-up. Gas explosion Abbeyshead: 16 dead. Tall ships race: boat sunk in heavy squall off Bermuda, whilst competing. John De Lorean: aquitted on charges of possessing cocaine. Michael Bettany: jailed for 23 for spying. Sarah Tisdall: Foreign office clerk leached documents to The Guardian. Torvill and Dean became World Ice Dance Champions. Britain won 5 gold medals at Los Angeles Olympic Games. Report on games. Medical technology advances. Birth of Prince Harry, 2nd son of Prince Charles. Pre-historic body discovered. Pound note to be phased out and replaced by coin. British Telecom sold off. G.C.S.E. exams to replace O Leve and C.S.E. in 1986. Deaths this year: Manny Shinvell, Alexis Korner, Binny Hale, Tom Keating, Ethel Merner, Jackie Coogan, Sir Arthur Bomber Harris, Tommy Cooper, Count Basie, Diana Dors, Sir John Betjeman, Eric Morecombe, Leonard Rossile, J. B. Priestley, Marvin Gaye, Reginald Bosanquet, Flora Robscoe, James Mascar, Richard Burton. Popular music: Frankie Goes to Hollywood. [Box 5]
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