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Village Life: Beenham - nd [1986]

Village Life: Beenham - nd [1986]
Mike Matthews in association with Vincent’s BMW, this week visits the village of Beenham. It lies on the crest of a hill near Reading, in Berkshire. It is in the Domesday Book. Other nearby villages include Midgham and Aldermaston Wharf. The programme has 2 Tracks. On Track 1, Matthews records 6 interviews. 1- His first visit is with Christine, a qualified Herbalist. She explains about herbs and alternative medicine and how she treats people. 2- in the Beenham House, Matthews talks with Gerald Beny. He is a silversmith specialising in the technique of putting texture in silver. He talks about this subject of silver, he designs special pieces for the royal family and talks about the house he works in which dates from the XVI Century. 3- Then, Mike Matthews visits the house of Aline, a lady that makes costumes for theatrical societies. She learned how to sew with her aunt and from there, she started this business designing costumes. It is a big place with a special storage for all kinds productions. 4- Another visit is to St. Mary’s Cottage. Matthews talks with the owner Jack Larcan and he talks about the village history and his memories of childhood. 5- In the middle of the village, there Peter Frost’s garage. He specialises in motorcycles and enjoys motorcycles racing. 6- The youngest person that Matthews interviews in this village is a 9 year-old girl, called Jane Omay. She is already an actress, she goes to London to act in a plays. She talks about her experience as an actress being so young and how she copes with school. Track 2- Only one interview. To the North of the village, Matthews visits the home of a lady that has 2 wolves on her land. She treats them like pets. She got them when they were cubs and looks after them. It was a challenge, she wanted to prove to the people’s village that wolves are not as dangerous as they thought. She says: they are as affectionable as dogs. [Box 4]
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Includes music. Track 1- Music at 5-6 mins; 15-19 mins; 23-27 mins; 30-34 mins; 38-41 mins. Track 2- Music at 0-1 mins; 8 mins to end. Tape is single band but for technical reasons the CD has been split.
Misc. notes
Speed:- 7.5ips
Production company
Radio 210
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1 tape


Series Producer
Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews
Other Technicians
Sue Doggett; R Evans
Sue Dale

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