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Tim McLellan: Flood Alert; Night Flight; Orchestral Manoeuvres

Tim McLellan: Flood Alert; Night Flight; Orchestral Manoeuvres
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26 Aug 1984
Track 1- Flood Alert - TX: 26 August 1984. Residents in Winton and Moordown areas of Bournemouth have been flooded over several years and are fighting Bournemouth Council and Wessex Water to get something done about it. Track 2- Night Flight - TX: 21 November 1982. Modernisation of the mail service from Bournemouth, Dorset and the New Forest. Long-distance mail is sent by plane every night to Liverpool Airport which acts as the main distribution hub, and mail for the Hampshire/Dorset area is flown back from Liverpool. Commentary on the flight to Liverpool with details of what happens. Track 3- Orchestral Manoeuvres - TX: 11 December 1984. Financial problems at the Western Orchestral Society which runs the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. The Orchestral Society and Bournemouth Council can not agree on how to move forward and the future is not rosy. [Box 1]
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