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Flying Boat with Retractable Pontoons on Test at Santa Monica


Series Name
Gaumont British News


Issue No.
Date Released
8 Oct 1936
Length of issue (in feet)
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Jean Batten Takes off at Lympne for New Zealand
  2. 2Kurt Bjorkvall Leaves New York for Sweden
  3. 3Paris Riots - Men and Women Injured
  4. 4Kennel Club Championships at the Crystal Palace
  5. 5Shoe and Leather Fair at the Agricultural Hall
  6. 6Roving Camera Reports: Colgate V Duke in American Football Match
  7. 7Roving Camera Reports: Roundabouts at Dutch Fair at Volendam
  8. 8Roving Camera Reports: Snow in Denver, Colorado
  9. 9Roving Camera Reports: Tanks and Aeroplanes at German Thanksgiving
  10. 10Roving Camera Reports: Firemen’s Ball Game in Berlin
  11. 11Speedboat Racing on Washington’s Potomac River
  12. 12Motorcyclists Ride Through Flames and Car Crashing in Slow Motion
  13. 13Flying Boat with Retractable Pontoons on Test at Santa Monica
  14. 14Cotton Crops Sprayed with Insect Killer by Planes
  15. 15Man-Operated Aeroplane Fails to Take off in America
  16. *Jean Batten Takes off at Lympne
  17. *Leeds Library Opened [By the Archbishop of Canterbury]
  18. *Shoe and Leather Fair
  19. *Leeds Library Opened by Archbishop of Canterbury
  20. *LMS Engine Christened "Duke of Wellington’s Regiment"
  21. *Fascists March and Disturbances in the East End
  22. *Sir Basil Bartlett and Miss Mary Malcolm Engaged

* Story has local or special distribution


Story No. within this Issue
13 / 15
Ships and boats; Aviation
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