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black areas (british coal mining)


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The March of Time 2nd Year


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  1. 1black areas (british coal mining)
  2. 2Highway Homes
  3. 3Liquor Business


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The March of Time synopsis: Abounding in vital interest to Great Britain is the newest issue of The March of Time, presenting an episode entitled "Black Areas", dealing with the vast issues of Britain’s coal mining industry. The March of Time in a comprehensive camera study narrates the decline of the South Wales export trade, from the cessation of the war-time boom - as foreign countries develop internal coal production, and the general strike sounds a final death knell. Interwoven in this dynamic theme is pictured the commencement of the constantly recurring Harworth colliery strike, with the employees of Nottinghamshire’s rich mines, hewing coal for home consumption, rejecting the owner-affiliated Spencer Union, and returning to the National Federation. The central story is interspersed with enlightening sequences of the government’s endeavours to replace derelict mines with armament factories, the rehabilitation of miners in other occupations, and the formation of an experimental farm school at Boverton, South Wales, where men are taught to wrest a living from the earth’s surface.
Researcher Comments
This story was made for the British edition and was not shown in the USA.
Social conditions; Mining
Written sources
Monthly Film Bulletin   Vol.4 No.40 30 April 1937, p71.
The March of Time Promotional Material   Lobby Card, Used for synopsis
Edgar Anstey
Production Co.
Time Inc.

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