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War in China


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The March of Time 3rd Year


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Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1War in China
  2. 2Maine’s Passamaquoddy


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1 / 2
Fielding synopsis: "Included were exclusive shots of the Japanese bombing of the Cathay Hotel and the Chinese native quarter, and the explosion of the ship Augusta... Reenactments made in New York City and reported in the dope sheets included a scene of the British ambassador to China being removed from a car by his aides after being wounded by Japanese aerial gunfire; dead Japanese soldiers (photographed in the Commonwealth Garrage in New York); Japanese pilots looking out of their aircraft at the carnage below (photographed at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey); and a reenactment of a Chinese woman, lying dead amidst debris in Shanghai, with dust flying ("to give the impression of nearby shelling")."
Researcher Comments
This story was included in Vol.4 No.1 of the US edition.
Occupied territories; War crimes; War and conflict
Written sources
Fielding, Raymond. The March of Time 1935-1951 (New York, 1978)   p177. Used for synopsis
Harrison Forman
Production Co.
Time Inc.

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