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Shropshire - Hunting Country


Series Name
Mining Review 19th Year


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Date Released
Apr 1966
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1London - Ideal Home
  2. 2Nottinghamshire - 50 Years On
  3. 3Shropshire - Hunting Country
  4. 4National Story - Right Dress


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3 / 4
NoS synopsis: A deputy, Tom Wilson, who runs a pack of beagles and terriers at weekends
NCB Commentary - Tom Wilson is a deputy at Madeley Wood Colliery in Shropshire - and Shropshire is hunting country. Tom Wilson is a huntsman.
Most week-ends, summer and winter alike, Tom is out following the hounds. He has roamed well into North and South Wales for his hunting, but these days he prefers to organise his own meet.
The hounds are a mixed pack, terriers and beagles. Tom’s family are his keenest followers. But none are keener than Solus and Forester, Why Not, and Janie and Jerry.
Tom’s daughters Valerie ... and Hilary, and his sons Ian ... and Peter are almost as expert as their father.
Then there are the men from Madeley Wood, who follow the hounds come rain or shine.
There are no horses and it’s a long rise up to Holbrook. Holbrook is good fox country.
Tom puts in his hounds to draw. Now its up to the pack, and the way the scent lies and how Tom directs the hounds. But after all, the day belongs to Brer Fox. This time he’s given them the slip and gone to ground.
This is what Tom Wilson calls ‘the glorious uncertainty of the chase’. For the sport is in the chase and not in the kill, and Tom will be back next week and the weekend after with his terriers and his beagles and his family ... and the men from Madeley Wood.
Sport; Dogs; Mining
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