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Fair’s Fair!


Series Name
Eve And Everybody’s Film Review


Issue No.
Date Released
25 Aug 1932
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Pets! At Torquay
  2. 2Lines of the Times
  3. 3Fair’s Fair!
  4. 4More Lines - We went to Margate for these
  5. 5A Study in Mischief
  6. 6Nose Prints!
  7. 7D-d-drill


Story No. within this Issue
3 / 7
NoS Summary - A couple have a great time at the funfair - various rides.
British Pathe synopsis: "Swing high, swing low, you shall have movement wherever you go. (Mixed rhyme - but how like a fair!)" High angle shots of a merry-go-round at a funfair. L/S of a man performing a lasso act. Point of view shot from the front of a roller coaster. The cameraman looks backwards at two young girls and two women who are on the ride. "Up and down, round and round, Here and there, everywhere." Low angle shot of a couple descending an unusual helter skelter style ride. As the woman rides over the bumps we get flashes of her bottom as her skirt rides up. A swinging boat ride is seen next. Good shot of a couple on the ride, she is screaming. High angle shot of the fair showing the helter skelter. Various shots from the top of the helter skelter and from the point of view of the cameraman as he goes down it. The same couple just seen on the boat ride fall off the end of the helter skelter. M/S of a waltzer style ride. Various shots of people on the ride. The flying swings ride is shown - the same couple is featured. C/U of a sign which reads: "The original ghost train." C/U of another sign which reads: "Hold on to your hats". C/U of painted sides of the ghost train with scary faces and scared people. Our couple have a go on the ghost train. Intertitle reads: "NO!" then "No!" then "NO!" We then see the couple emerge from the ride clinging on to each other in an embrace. Shots of the funfair at dusk. Lights are on the various rides.
Entertainment and leisure
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Pathe Inventory File   Tin No.244
British Pathe Database 1997   Reference No.EP244
National Film Archive Catalogue
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British Pathe Ltd.

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