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Modernism in the Home


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Eve And Everybody’s Film Review


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24 Jan 1929
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Eve - Editor, Publisher and Seller!
  2. 2Modernism in the Home
  3. 3(Untitled record)
  4. 4(Untitled record)


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2 / 4
British Pathe synopsis: Introductory intertitle reads: "The new art has invaded our homes. Master craftsmen are modelling new angles and lines into our wares - " C/U of a man at a drawing board painting weird and wonderful shapes onto a large piece of paper. We then see him holding in his hand an angular teapot, painting a pattern onto it. L/S of the designer, his drawing board and a table. On the table is a modern metal dinner set - coffee pot, teapot and a milk jug. A young couple walk away from the camera in what is purported to be a domestic interior (looks more like a set). It is ultra modern, art deco style with geometric pattern wallpaper, a small sculpture on a plinth and a zig zag staircase. The man and the woman shake hands and the woman walks up the stairs. C/U of the man looking at the woman as she disappears up the stairs. "Crisp lines and sharp corners replace the ornamental doo-dahs of yesteryear - " C/U of a chandelier. C/Us of stylish table lamps. M/S of a table and chair - angular wall lights suddenly light up one by one. L/S showing more of the room. In one corner there is a curtained area with paintings hanging in front of the curtains. "In Eve’s modern bedroom - " M/S of woman sitting on a stool at her dressing table. She brushes her hair. M/S of the woman showing her dressing table which is full of perfume bottles. She squirts some perfume on her neck. "Positively the latest in bedtime stories." M/S of Eve’s bed, the woman seen earlier walks into shot and sits on the bed. She takes off her slippers. Dissolve into a shot of her lying in bed reading a book. She reaches up to the light and switches it off, settling down to sleep.
Domestic life; Arts and crafts
Written sources
Kinematograph Weekly   31 January 1929 p60.
Pathe Inventory File   Tin No.91
British Pathe Database 1997   Reference No.EP091B Used for synopsis
Production Co.
British Pathe Ltd.

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