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Siftings from Cinderella - the Palladium Pantomime, London


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Eve And Everybody’s Film Review


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21 Jan 1926
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Siftings from Cinderella - the Palladium Pantomime, London
  2. 2Here Comes the Bride
  3. 3(Untitled record)
  4. 4The Adventures of Felix the Cat


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NoS Summary - Clarice Mayne, Lennie Deane and Charles Austin in Cinderella at the Palladium.
British Pathe synopsis: Pantomime at the Palladium Theatre, London. Main title superimposed over shot of the chorus dancing on stage. Introductory intertitle reads: "Not forgetting a charming Prince Charming (Clarice Mayne)." M/S of the stage. Clarice rides a horse onto the stage (a real one!), the reins are taken by a man. "And not forgetting the Fairy Boudoir whence came all the jewels and pretty things to transform poor "Cinders" (Lennie Deane) into the real "Cinderella". M/S of the elaborate stage set. A woman steps through a large frame. Closer view of her in her elaborate costume and large headdress. She walks down steps and onto the stage. Another woman emerges from the picture frame in an equally elaborate costume. She is followed by two "pages" who carry cushions presumably supporting jewels. M/S of the group walking down the steps onto the stage. They are met by Cinders who looks excited. Another woman emerges, her train carried by two footmen. "Buttons" (Charles Austin) tries a few steps with (and without!) "the Gang". M/S of Charles Austin dancing with a chorus line of young girls dressed in street urchin style outfits. They do a little tap routine. "The little ones from the Land of Make-believe" M/S of the stage with group of dancers who wear winged costumes dancing in two circles. They end their dance on points. "But, where would any Cinderella be without her glittering coach?" Six Shetland ponies cross the stage pulling the carriage behind them. Closer view of the coach which is followed by two more ponies.
Performing arts
London; England
Written sources
Kinematograph Weekly   28 January 1926 p60.
Pathe Inventory File   Tin No.283
British Pathe Database 1997   Reference No.EP283 Used for synopsis
D. Gifford ‘Entertainers in British Films’ (Westport, 1998)   p171.
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British Pathe Ltd.

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