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The Amusement Trades Fair


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
11 Feb 1979
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Toy Fair
  2. 2The Amusement Trades Fair
  3. 3Rugby - England V Scotland


Story No. within this Issue
2 / 3
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Amusement Trades Fair. DESCRIPTION: At the Amusement Trades Fair could be seen the latest ideas in Fairground and Amusement Hall entertainments. SHOTLIST: CU screen of ‘Star Fire’. MS girl at controls. CU hand presses button on pilot’s wheel. MCU screen - a shot hits. Various of a Star Wars type roundabout. MS ditto car lifts up and down. MS roundabout pan to girl’s face at back of car with guns. MS man presses button for Punch Ball to be lowered - he hits same. MS hit - zoom in wheel (to test force). CU ball shot from Pin Ball machine. MS Pin Ball machine. MCU ball ditto. CU Ghost Train features - skeleton’s head rises. CU PB from mouth of dog. CU clown’s face falls towards camera. CU vampire in coffin. CU man pulls fruit machine handle. MC men ditto. CU fruit machine (One Armed Bandit) tilt down to money paid out. CU screen simulation car driving. CU hands of man turning wheel tilt up to screen. CU man. CU screen. MS man on motor bike which is on rollers. CU man tilt down to front wheel. MS man on motor bike. MLS upboard of ‘American Shuffleboard’ - man pushes weight down table. CU woman pushes weight. MLS man ditto. CU woman pushes weight. CU weight stops. MS pool table - woman with cue. MLS down table woman breaks. MCU woman stands up. MS man presses button for football on lever to swing out - man kicks ball. CU kicking ball. CU arm of indicator goes up. MCU football swings out and is kicked.
Entertainment and leisure; Exhibitions and shows
London; Alexandra Palace
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Leonard Martin
Richard Day
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