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US Governors Bi-Centennial Visit


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British Movietone News


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23 May 1976
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Royal Windsor Horse Show
  2. 2Carnival
  3. *US Governors Bi-Centennial Visit

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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Us Governors Bi-Centennial Visit. DESCRIPTION: To mark the Bi-Centennial year of American Independence, Ireland played host to some distinguished visitors, the Governors of the thirteen Founding States of the American UnionAfter being greeted by President O’Dalaigh the Governors and their ladies embark on a busy schedule of engagements and sight-seeing tours. Including the sights of Dublin, Limerick, The Bunratty Folk Park and Knappogue CastleA visit that has helped weld the friendships between the New World of the West and the Old World of Ireland. SHOTLIST: GV Dublin with O’Connell Bridge in foreground. LV O’Connell Bridge. MLS plane taxiing. MS Mr & Mrs Cosgrave waiting for governors to arrive. MS plane taxiing round. MCU Irish pipeman playing. MS Irish pipe band playing. MS governors shaking hands with Mr Cosgrave. MS plane’s cockpit. MCU Governors and wives being greeted by Mr Cosgrave. MS ditto. MCU Mr Cosgrave greeting governors and their wives. MS flag bearer. MCU Irish and American flags being held by flag bearers. MS Mr Cosgrave and governors standing to attention. Pan around. MLS flag bearers with plane in b/g. Pan to more flag bearers with plane in b/g. Pan to more flag bearers. MS governors standing to attention. Pan to Mr Cosgrave. MS Irish Army band playing. MCU governors watching. MS flag bearer marching away. GV exterior President’s house. MS governors and wives meeting Cearbhall O’Dalaigh, President of Ireland, they shake hands. MS President meeting another governor. CU governor and wife as they shake hands with the President. MS President meeting another governor and his wife. MCU governor and his wife. MS President being introduced to more governors and their wives. LS entire party in garden. MS party walking towards camera with President in the middle. MS boy fishing in canal. Tilt up to see down riverside. GV coach leaving from Jury’s Hotel on a tour. MS police escort in front of coach. MS interior of coach with governors and their wives in it. MS from coach they go past Merrion Square showing birth place of Oscar Wilde. MCU governors and wives in coach. Pan around. MS track along buildings from coach. MS ditto. MS police escort from front of coach. MCU governor in coach. GV River Liffey with Custom House in f/g. GV exterior Custom House. GV exterior Trinity College. Pan around. MS governors walking in the grounds of Trinity College. MS more governors walking in Trinity College grounds. MLS governors in museum looking at display on American Independence. MCU Declaration of Independence. CU Title of Declaration. MCU governors looking at exhibits. CU picture of surrender of General Burgoyne at Saratoga. CU picture of George Washington on horseback. MS governors in museum. MS police escort going past camera with coach behind, it comes up to a halt at the Mansion House. MS Mayor of Dublin greeting the governors. MS Mayor greeting more governors. MS woman shaking hands with the Mayor. MS Mayor talking to two women. He shakes hands with a governor. MS camera rises over flowers to see group of governors and Mayor talking. MS Mayor talking to one of the wives of the governors. MS governor shaking hands with Mayor. GV exterior Mansion House. MS model modelling clothes for the governors’ wives made by Donegal Knit Wear. MCU some of the wives at one of the tables. MCU ditto. MS two more models modelling clothes. MS wives at a table. MS models wearing evening dresses of Irish linen. MS group of wives at table. MS model, she is joined by another model as they turn round. Pan with one of the models. (Designs by Jimmy Hourihan and Sybil Connelly). LS Dromoland Castle and Lake zoom in. MS coach and police escort. MS looking out of coach as they come up towards the castle. MS coach with police escort in front. MS coming up to Dromoland Castle. MS coach arriving. Pan as it pulls up to a stop. MS governors and wives coming out of coach and up into castle. MCU governors walking into castle. MS entrance to Shannon Industrial Estate. CU exterior SPS building with Irish and American flags above it. Tilt down to see governors entering building. MS governors going into building and being greeted by manager. MS man operating machine which makes bolts, pan to governors. MCU part of machine. MS group of men talking. CU part of machine. CU another part of machine. MCU bolts going up conveyor belt. MS wives of governors walking through grounds. MS horse being shod, governors’ wives comes up to watch. CU hoof being filed. MS wives watching, pan round. MCU blacksmith filing hoof. MS wives watching. MS hoof being filed. MS wives walk into Golden Vale Cottage. MS left to right, Mrs Busby, Mrs Noel and Mrs Goodwin sitting outside cottage. MS Mrs Goodwin being offered cake by waitress. Pan to other two on bench. CU exterior Golden Vale Cottage with some of the wives outside. MS flags of the 13 States plus the Tri-Colour of Ireland. Pan to Knappogue Castle. MS governors and wives being greeted by Tom O’Donnell. MS Bunratty Singers greeting governors. MS ditto. MCU banners hanging from wall. Pan to one with three lions on it. MS banner with three lions on it. MCU another banner. MCU dinner table. Tilt up to see governors eating. MS two governors talking. MS governors at table pan round. MS more governors at table, pan round. MS governor and woman talking. MS pan round dinner table. MCU figures on a tapestry. Pan to what looks like a king. MS tapestry, pan along. MS Bunratty Singers singing. Camera tracks into harp player. MS harpist playing. MCU backlit harpist playing. MS governors listening. Pan round they start to clap. People also mentioned in commentary: Mr IG Molly, Ireland’s Ambassador in Washington. Governor George Busbee, Georgia & Mrs Busbee. Robert H Reed & Mrs Reed, Delaware’s State Secretary. Governor Phillip W Noel & Mrs Noel of Rhode Island. Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina W Brantley Harvey & Mrs Harvey. Governor Michael S Dukakis, Massachusetts. Governor Ella Grasso, Connecticut. Dr Garrett FitzGerald, Ireland’s Minister Foreign Affairs. Alderman Patrick Dunne, Mayor of Dublin. Mrs Anna Devanney. Tom O’Donnell, Government Minister for the Gaeltacht.
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Irish version.
Commemorations; Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Music and dance; Entertainment and leisure; Vehicles; Food and cooking; Aviation; Foreign relations; Celebrations and festivals; Industry and manufacture; Ceremonies; Local government; Fashion and costume; Animals; Military; History and archaeology; Exhibitions and shows
Republic of Ireland
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Leonard Martin
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