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World Water Skiing Championships


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British Movietone News


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14 Sep 1975
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  1. 1Fleet Air Arm Display
  2. 2Motor Cycle Grass Track Racing
  3. 3World Water Skiing Championships
  4. *Eamon De Valera

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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: World Water Skiing Champs. DESCRIPTION: American, Liz Shetter, becomes Ladies World Champion and takes three Gold Medals at the World Water Skiing Championships. The Championships were held at Thorpe Park, Surrey and Minister of Sport, Denis Howell, presented the medals. In the Mens Event it was Venezuelan, Carlos Suarez, who collected the medals. SHOTLIST: GV zoom in Carrasco of Venezuela in Womens finals in jumping, she jumps but lands incorrectly and falls. SV P Messner (Canada) about to jump. CU ditto as she jumps. LV ditto in air she lands incorrectly & falls. SV K Morse (GB) about to jump pan. CU ditto as she lifts off from ramp & lands. LV ditto she lands correctly. LV pan L Shetter USA zooms toward ramp, she hits ramp and lands correctly. SV spectator. SV pan K Morse in womens slalom, she falls. SV pan S Terraciano (Italy) in womens slalom. LV pan Shetter in womens slalom. LV pan ditto coming back. SV pan BV Terraciano in womens trick skiing. FV from boat of male skier going up ramp and crashing. FV R McCormick USA in mens final jumping pan he hits ramp and lands. SV pan J Carne GB in jumping, hits ramp and lands. SV pan W Grimditch US world title holder hits ramp and lands. SV crowd, water splashed up in front. SV crowd applauding. SV pan M Hazelwood GB in slalom. FV from boat ditto. SV crowd. LV pan R Zucchi (Italy) (winner 1st) in slalom. FV from boat skier trick skiing but falls. SV pan E Rodriguez of Venezuela trick skiing but he falls. SV applauding crowd. SV 1st mens world champion C Suarez (Venezuela) receiving his medal shakes hands with Minister of Sports Denis Howell. SV statue of Britannia pan down to world’s womens champion L Shetter (USA) flanked by 2nd & 3rd.
Sport; Politics and government; Entertainment and leisure; Stunts; Ceremonies; Water sports
Surrey; Thorpe Park
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Leonard Martin
Paul Kavanagh
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