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Heritage Year


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British Movietone News


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13 Apr 1975
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Vietnam Orphans Arrive
  2. 2Heritage Year
  3. 3Cathedral Restoration


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2 / 3
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Heritage Year. DESCRIPTION: In European Heritage Year - a New UN Building in Vienna - and a New Olympia Ice Rink in Seefeld. In Great Britain, under the Chairmanship of the Duke of Edinburgh, Heritage Year hopes to focus attention on the need to keep our architectural treasures intact. Restoration and Conservation taking place in various parts of the Country. SHOTLIST: NEW UN BUILDING (121’) GV pan horse & carriage driving past impressive Viennese building. CU statue outside building. LV Viennese building. GV new UN building in progress. TV pan model of finished complex. CU model showing how large parts of the buildings will be lifted hydraulically. SV model with parts popping into place. SV model showing the levels in place. AS building showing the levels in place. GV Vienna pull back to new UN building. NEW OLYMPIC ICE RINK (41’) GV Seefeld, Austria. GV ski jump. GV Seefeld and new ice rink & stadium under construction. HERITAGE YEAR GREAT BRITAIN (157’) GV pull back Cirencester Park. GV Tombland Alley, Norwich. GV Ganbrooke, Kent. GV pan Durham University library. CU 2 & 7p stamps showing The Rows, Chester & Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. CU stamp Charlotte Square. GV Charlotte Square pan up to New Canongate development. CU stamp, The Rows, Chester. GV The Rows, Chester. SV old timbered building in Chester, zoom out. SV 12p stamp National Theatre, London. SV 8p stamp Royal Observatory, Greenwich. CU sign Bath. GV The Circus, Bath. GV Pulteney Street Modern Hotel. GV York. GV Shaftesbury, Dorset Gold Hill. GV Brighton Pier. CU sign on the photo ‘Brighton Pier now in decay’. GV lane in Brighton. GV Monkiveamaith Station before cleaned. GV ditto after cleaning. GV Salisbury - modernising Alms House. SV stamp, St. George’s Chapel, Windsor.
Buildings and structures; Vehicles; Railways; Industry and manufacture; Postal services; Pollution; Engineering
United Kingdom; Austria
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Leonard Martin
Norman Fisher
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