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Enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury


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British Movietone News


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2 Feb 1975
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  1. 1Enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury Colour. DESCRIPTION: The Historical and Colourful Ceremony at Canterbury for the installation of the New Archbishop. The presence of the Pope’s Representative along with members of the Royal Family underlined the considerable ecumenical significance of the occasion. In the long line of succession of the primates of England, Dr Coggan, former Archbishop of York, is the 101st Primate of England to assume this high office with all its responsibilities. The responsibility of continuing the progress towards Christian Unity, bringing together churches of different denominations and traditions in a new relationship of confidence and love throughout the whole World. SHOTLIST: GV castle pan to the West Gate in b/g with River Stour in f/g. GV Old Canterbury House. GV Christchurch Gate through streets. LV Cathedral shot through doorway. GV Cathedral. GV Canterbury & surroundings with Cathedral Tower. WA Pilgrims Stairs leading up to Trinity Chapel. CU Thomas Becket’s Death Plaque. CU effigies on tomb of Henry IV & Queen. CU Black Prince Tomb. GV stain glass windows at east end of Cathedral. CU stain glass window (11). WA cross bearer followed by choir approaching West Door. CU choir boys passing. SV Prince Charles to West Door. SV pan Princess Margaret & Duchess of Kent ditto. TV Ted Heath, Wilson, Roy Jenkins, Thorpe, Callaghan in procession up aisle. SV three party leaders. SV heads of foreign churches in procession up aisle. SV Pope’s representative in procession. GV procession. SV pan Archbishop of Canterbury Donald Coggan walking toward West Door pan to BV. FV interior as big West Door opens for entry of Archbishop. LV trumpeters sounding fanfare. SV zoom back Archbishop of Canterbury walking in procession. LV Archbishop of Canterbury on Pulpitum steps, he greet various representatives of Churches who are Moderator of Church of Scotland, ditto of the Free Church Federal Council, he shakes hands with Archbishop of Southwark followed by Archbishop of Thyateira. CU cutaway. SV zoom in Archbishop of Canterbury in procession to high altar. CU cross on altar. LV the Dean handing over pastoral staff to Archbishop of Canterbury, start of natural sound of Dean speaking. Various shots of Pope’s Representative & Church officials. GV Archbishop of Canterbury ceremony gathered round steps of throne. CU Archbishop of Canterbury. SV Dean moves forward to hand to Archbishop of Canterbury the Canterbury Gospels. Natural sound of Dean. Cutaway clergy. SV Archbishop of Canterbury kisses Gospels speaks at 418’, he gives back Gospels to Dean. CU foreign clergy Archdeacon of Canterbury takes Archbishop of Canterbury by hand & leads him into throne. CU Archdeacon bows to Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of Canterbury kneels to be blessed by Bishop of London. GV congregation. Natural sound start - Bishop of London, clergy. GV procession toward the choir of St. Augistine for enthronement. SV Canterbury hand in hand Archdeacon and Dean. LV Archbishop of Canterbury arrives at chair, Archdeacon places Archbishop of Canterbury in chair, zoom in start. Natural sound Archbishop of Kenya blesses. LV Archbishop of Canterbury is handed pastoral staff. GV through archway. LV Archbishop of Canterbury reaches altar for blessing. GV ditto, natural sound, Archbishop of Canterbury reaches altar for blessing. GV ditto, natural sound Archbishop of Canterbury blessing. LV Archbishop of Canterbury procession passing throne on way to St. Augustine’s chair for the blessing to the people. SV Royals. Start of natural sound, Archbishop of Canterbury blessing. SV clergy. SV Archbishop of Canterbury on chair as choir passes in procession. SV pan Archbishop of Canterbury walking procession to West Door. GV Cathedral. Stock Shots - Various angles of the Cathedral. Old buildings and street scenes. Elevated shots over Canterbury, very good. Various windows - and elevated shots. (390ft).
Royalty; Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Music and dance; Ceremonies; Religion and belief
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Leonard Martin
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