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All Colour Reel: The Big Top Comes to Town


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British Movietone News


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19 Dec 1974
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  1. 1All Colour Reel: The Big Top Comes to Town


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All Colour Reel
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: The Circus Colour. DESCRIPTION: Its the smell of grease paint and the roar of the crowd for Mary Chipperfield’s Christmas Circus. All the favourites of the sawdust ring are there, the animals and acrobats, and those furry inhabitants of Wimbledon Common, The Wombles, make their circus debut. All the atmosphere of the big match, football on four legs, as the Boxer Wanderers take on the Barking Rovers in a Canine Cup Tie. SHOTLIST: GV house with Christmas tree in top window. CU Xmas tree in window. SV boy getting into bed, turns bedside lamp off. SCU model of rearing horse. SV ditto pull focus boy falling asleep pan to balloon full CU. Full CU another balloon is taken away to reveal face of a clown. GV Mary Chipperfield with white horses running around arena. CU Mary (horses pass in front). BV Mary in front of horses, she instructs them to rear up and they do, zoom out they drop back down & rear up again. SV Mary feeding sugar to one of the horses. SV applauding kids & mother & father. SV Maxi and Mini, small pony walking under big horse. GV girl sucking lolly holding balloon. GV Womble dancing around. SV Wombles dancing in arena with clowns. SCU 2 girls watching. GV Six Benis man is thrown off swing and somersaults, is caught. SV 2 girls of the Benis on swing, 1 girl is thrown off, somersaults & lands. SV applauding children. SV Brumbachos knife balancing act. SV children watching. CU man balancing sword with flaming equipment on end, one end of knife in his mouth. CU flaming equipment on top of sword pan down to man, he takes everything down, girl walks off and man takes bow, applauding children. SV Los Alamos knife throwing act, girl on board having knives thrown at her, she tosses some more knives for him to throw. SV children watching. CU tiger. GV Mary Chipperfield in pen with lions & tigers. SV lions and tigers walking on equipment. SCU two lions watching Mary. SV Mary. SV pan zoom in lion getting up on ??? ...with cats. SV zoom in tiger on back legs on stand. SCU Mary zoom out riding out on tiger’s back. CU child holding balloon. GV elephants walking round ring. SV kids. SV pan elephants turning round. SCU elephants walking past, man instructing elephant to sit up. LV 2 elephants standing on stands. SV children watching. SV elephants forming up into something like a pyramid, lights go off. SCU girl with balloon. GV dogs football match, dogs bouncing for balloon. BV man with whistle. SV match in progress. CU dogs jumping for ball, goal is scored pan with man with whistle as another balloon is thrown in, it is popped so another is thrown in, dogs mass round net, net falls down as dogs dive in (falls on man). CU laughing women. SV girl throwing in another balloon, dogs rush in net with it, goal. CU dog lying on back, man referee pulls its back leg, zoom out, man points to his own leg indicating dog has had broken leg. SV pan clowns run on with stretcher, they put dog on it, & pick up stretcher, the middle falls out & dog runs to join in game, dogs round net with referee and it falls on them, ref, they all run out leaving ref. SV laughing men and women. SV ref placing balloon in front of dog (goalie) on penalty spot. CU dog about to take penalty (he is lying down). CU balloon pan to dog about to run, gets up & rushes at balloon & scores, man and woman take applause. CU laughing clown, he replaces his hat & waves. ENDS.
Buildings and structures; Music and dance; Entertainment and leisure; Curiosities; Celebrations and festivals; Stunts; Animals; Performing arts
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Leonard Martin
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