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New ‘Ernie’ Computer


Series Name
British Movietone News


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Date Released
19 Feb 1973
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Soccer...Scotland V England
  2. 2'Flying Scotsman’ Arrives Home
  3. 3Vietnam ‘New Year’ Celebration
  4. 4New ‘Ernie’ Computer
  5. 5Safety in Seat Belts


Story No. within this Issue
4 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: New Ernie Computer. DESCRIPTION: With the ever increasing Investors, it became necessary to have a bigger and better ERNIE. The new ERNIE computer now installed at Lytham St Anne’s is demonstrated. SHOTLIST: CU sign Premium Savings Bonds On Sale Here. SCU official holds up £1 premium bond. CU ditto. SV old Ernie computer. CU computer spool. SCU number selectors on computer. CU dial on computer. SCU number selectors. GV interior new Ernie computer console. SCU girl loads control programme tape which instructs machine to prepare to select winning numbers. CU pan down tape running through machine and into bin. SCU teletype being operated, giving information to machine such as length of draw, identity numbers of magnetic tape spools etc. CU ditto, machine requests security number. SV official operator replies to machine on teletype. SV operator turns to main control panel which monitors progress. CU operating main control panel. CU winning numbers flashing up on visual display unit (demonstration only). CU teletype printing every 60th number for operator to monitor correct operation of machine, all numbers go onto magnetic tape at rate of 1000 numbers per minute. CU numbers flashing up on visual display. SV tape decks recording data. SCU ditto, each movement represents sixty numbers on tape. TS through numerical index room where records are kept of all bonds sold (182,000,000). CU girl checks prize winner’s record card in file. SV new Ernie console. MUTE COLOUR VERSION - TAPE 302
Lytham St Anne’s
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Leonard Martin
Paul Kavanagh
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