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Xx Olympic Games


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British Movietone News


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14 Sep 1972
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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Xx Olympic Games. DESCRIPTION: The most politically controversial Olympic Games comes to a close. Movietone presents the highlights of the last few days of this sporting marathon. SHOTLIST: PART 1 GV zoom in to sailing centre at Kial. SV zoom ditto with Olympic flame. GV sailing boats at sea in Flying Dutchman class. SV pan down from sails to boat in rough water. SV sailing boats manoeuvring past. SCU ditto. SV boats passing each other. SV Australian sailing boat (Britain won Flying Dutchman class,we received gold). GV zoom in mass start of cyclists for individual road race. GBV cyclists, one falls. SV pan mass of cyclists. GV massed cyclists over bridge. SV pan massed cyclists past grand stands. SV No 17 Australian Kevin Clyde Sefton. GV zoom in massed cyclists at speed. SV No 194 in lead Hennie Kuiper of the Netherlands. CU ditto. SCU pan No 194 winning race & gold for Holland. LV archery contest, competitors firing arrows. SV ditto. SV arrows in targets. SV woman firing arrow. CU another woman shooting. CU arrow being fired. Side view mass of arrows in targets. SV John Williams firing arrow winning gold for USA. SV volleyball in progress between Japan & East Germany. SV crowd. SV Japan win game & gold medal. SCU Japanese congratulate each other. PART 2 GV start of men’s hurdles pan with race at 16’ Rodney Milburn of USA takes lead and wins race at 20’ with Guy Drut of France close 2nd. SCU Milburn runs towards camera after race. GV pan 200 metres women’s sprint in progress at 38’ Renate Stecher of East Germany just in lead with Raelene Boyle of Australia running almost neck and neck with Stecher at 45’, Stecher wins. SV 1500m women’s in progress. SCU Ellen Tittel lying exhausted on grass pan Russian Ludmilla Bragina well in lead. GV girls running towards camera. Bragina breaks tape at 79’. GV Mary Peters racing down straight to win women’s pentathlon she breaks tape at 106’. CU gold medal pan up to Mary Peters. SV Russian Nadedzhda Chizhova winning women’s shot put. SV pan ball landing. SV crowd applaud. SV Wladyslaw Komar of Poland winning man’s shot put. SV pan ball landing. SV Komar being congratulated. SV Anatoli Bondartshuk throwing hammer and winning gold for Russia. LV pan as hammer soars through air and lands. SV pan Klaus Wolfermann of West Germany running and throwing javelin to win, he throws javelin at 180’. SV pan javelin in flight and landing. SV Russian Vassili Alexejev lifting 235kg to win gold. LV zoom in as he raises weight above his head and drops them at 204’. GV crowds applauding. SV Alexejev gold medal. SV pan 3000m steeplechase in progress with Kip Keino in lead, followed by Benjamin Jipcho, both from Kenya. GV pan Keino in lead he jumps hurdle at 237’ and races on. SV Keino racing towards tape followed by Jipcho, Keino breaks tape at 249’ to win gold pan to CU Keino smiling. SV Victor Sanejev of Russia winning triple jump and gold medal. SV pan Ulrika Meyfarth of West Germany running to win high jump (women’s) at 292’ she slides backwards over bar. PART 3 SV pan No 962 Juri Tarmak of Russia winning gold for high jump, he jumps and clears at 6’. BGV 5000m in progress. SV competitors bunched up rounding bend. SV crowd waving Finnish flags. SV No 228 Lasse Viren of Finland overtaking No 904 Gamoudi of Tunisia with American running 3rd. STV pan Viren breaks tape at 35’ to win gold followed by Gamoudi and Ian Stewart from Scotland, who receives bronze. SCU Viren of Finland after race. SV woman’s and 100m relay with 3rd take-over in slow motion. GV pan Rosendahl races down track and breaks tape at 67’ to win gold medal and world record 42.8 seconds. CU pan Rosendahl after race. GTV pan finish of 4 x 400m men’s relay with Kenya breaking tape at 86’ to win gold, followed by GB for silver. CU pan winner from Kenya. STV mass of competitors to marathon. GV competitors outside stadium. SV competitors running towards camera. SV crowds applauding. SV four competitors grabbing water sponges from table. SV pan Frank Shorter from USA runs in to stadium. SV crowds with Olympic flame behind. SCU as Shorter wins marathon and gold for USA. SV crowds and Olympic flame. SV pan Harvey Smith on Summertime making 3 jumps, in slow motion, for GB. SV William Steinkraus on Mainspring jumping water jump but stumbles. LV crowds watching. Side V Hans Gunther Winkler on Trophy jumping fence. FV as he clears another fence to win gold for Germany. SV crowd stand and applaud. BGV pan competitors marching into arena at night for closing ceremony. LV ditto with competitors dancing around. GV ditto. SCU AS Olympic flame gradually dies down and goes out.
Sport; Athletics
Germany; Munich
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Leslie Mitchell
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