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In Colour: Circus Time


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
28 Dec 1970
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Richmond Dog Show
  2. 2The Great Bustard
  3. 3Inflatable Swimming Costume
  4. 4In Colour: Circus Time


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4 / 4
Section Title
In Colour
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Circus Time Colour. DESCRIPTION: The thrills and skills of the sawdust ring. All the excitement, action and laughter of the Circus for your holiday entertainment. The Movietone camera team joins a Variety Club outing for handicapped children to Billy Smart’s Circus on Clapham Common. SHOTLIST: GV exterior people entering big top. SV interior ditto. SV pan Variety Club sunshine coach arrives. CU clown waves. SV boy in wheelchair is lifted from coach. SV interior kids in wheelchairs enter big top along with other children. GV arena. SV pan elephants enter arena with Monty Modlyn on leading one. SV pan Bobby Moore on second one. LV pan ditto zoom out to show other personalities on elephants. SV acrobats pass followed by a camel. LV 2 camels, SV handicapped children in audience. GV pan 2 shots the Caroli Troupe perform Lumon pyramid on horseback. SV kids applaud. LV pan Phyllis Allan and her performing poodles. SV pan poodle jumps & dances on hind legs. CU small girl watching. SV poodle stands on ball & walks down ramp. CU girl watching. LV pan The Salvadors acrobatic troupe walk on balls down ramp. CU girl eating candy floss. LV clowns performing a sketch involving a horse. CU young boy laughing. SV clown tips bucket of water over Monty Modlyn’s head. LV The Urbans performing zoom in to man as he somersaults from springboard & lands on others shoulders. SV man standing on springboard wearing hood. LV pan as he repeats previous trick. LV as they take a bow. SV children applaud. LV angle shot the ‘Beautiful Ria’ swinging on a trapeze zoom in to SV. CU girl watching. SV angle shot Ria performing on trapeze. SV pan down dancing with a dummy. LV clown dancing with dummy. GV audience. CU 2 children watching. LV Jungalebo elephants act. SV girl sitting on elephant. LV elephants perform. SV trainer. LV trainer with elephants performing.
Sport; Organisations; Buildings and structures; Music and dance; Entertainment and leisure; Vehicles; Curiosities; Stunts; Animals; Performing arts; Disabled persons
London; United Kingdom
Card file number
Jeffrey K. Shearley
Leslie Mitchell
Reginald William Smith
Stan Goozee
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