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Princess Meets Chieftain...


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British Movietone News


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6 Nov 1969
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1This All Colour Newsreel Opens at Bedtime!: Nightwear Fashions...
  2. 2Princess Meets Chieftain...
  3. 3Guy Fawkes Day


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2 / 3
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Princess Anne in Germany (Colour). DESCRIPTION: ... features Her Royal Highness’s visit to the Hussars stationed in West Germany and her first drive in a Chieftain Tank. Her verdict? I’d love one for ChristmasFrom the thunder of Gunnery practice at Paderborn to the explosive anniversary of ... SHOTLIST: 7’ GV Princess’s car arrives. LAS Royal Standard. MS Princess on parade ground of King’s Hussars. MS regimental brooch. MS Anne receives ditto. MS soldier with cine camera. MS Anne takes to rostrum. GV march past Hussars. MCU Anne. HS Hussars carrying banner. GV Hussars march past. GV Chieftain tank plus 2 soldiers. MLS pan Anne arrives wearing army tank suit, and shakes hands with soldiers. MS ditto then Anne climbs into tank. MS name Princess Anne on tank. MS Anne climbing into tank. MS Anne in tank commanders position. MS tank moves away. GV onlookers. MS pan tank over rough ground. MS Anne in tank commanders position. G to A: Firework display.
Royalty; Entertainment and leisure; Vehicles; Ceremonies; Military
West Germany
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Leslie Mitchell
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